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How do Locksmiths Open Car Doors?

A locksmith is a professional who installs, repairs, and opens locks for a living. Most people are familiar with the idea of a locksmith who changes their locks when they experience a burglary or home break-in.

However, a locksmith such as  24/7 Speedy Locksmith Chicago may also be called to open automobile doors and other security systems.

In this article, we will explore how a locksmith opens car doors. There are many different ways that a locksmith can open automobile doors, but we will focus on the six most commonly used methods.

image - How do Locksmiths Open Car Doors?
How do Locksmiths Open Car Doors?


This is probably the easiest method for a locksmith to use. All that needs to happen is a lock has been successfully defeated, and then the initial programming code needs to be changed.

This method is usually keyless, and therefore it is not necessary to have the key or remotes with you.

However, it needs a locksmith who is very skilled with a chip and good with electronics.

It can be used for some cars and not others, so ask your locksmith if possible before trying this method.

Immobilizer Re-Flashing

An immobilizer or ignition control module is a device in the car that checks for an authorized key and disables the vehicle from being started with a non-authorized key.

To unlock this type of vehicle, all you need to do is find a way of getting past the immobilizer.

Most of the time, this can be done by getting access to your car’s computer and reprogramming its memory chip, and in some cases, it can be done by reprogramming the keys themselves.

This is usually a more difficult job on older vehicles, but on newer generation vehicles such as Ford F150s (and other models), it is not as difficult as the computer may be located in less obvious parts of the car.

It should also be noted that this service requires a POD or remote access to get into your car and reprogramming and will only work in the vehicle it is intended for.

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Cutting Keys

This method can be done with either a key cutter or with an underwater cutting system.

The key cutters that are available for this purpose can cut up to 3 keys at a time.

A locksmith will usually use this method when there are no more keys left for the car, or if someone has attempted to make a copy of a key and failed, or if keys have been stolen or lost.

Slim Jim

Every locksmith has access to a slim jim; this is a long metal rod that will open car doors and other vehicles to which the locksmith has access.

The “slim jim” works by sliding it between the body of the car and the door on either side of the door frame.

The locksmith then uses a tool called a “wiggle plate” to manipulate pressure points to open the vehicle.

However, this method needs to be performed slowly and carefully, for it can sometimes damage the airbags or other parts of the car.

J and L Tools

A locksmith can use the J and L tools to open a car door. This requires a special tool kit that contains 2 wrenches, one smaller than the other.

The larger of these two wrenches is the “j” wrench, and the smaller one is known as the “L” wrench. These tools are very similar to specialty locksmith picks found on most professional locksmiths’ tool kits.

The J and L tools are used to open the lock on a car door by putting pressure on the lock so that it will release while not breaking the door.

The method is quick and straightforward but requires a lot of finesse and practice.

 Broken Key Extractor

When a key breaks off in the lock or a locksmith needs to remove a key, they will use a special tool that looks like a small screwdriver.

The tool is usually made out of metal with a curved tip at one end, which has a hole that aligns with the key.

The locksmith uses this tool to remove the broken key, and they do this by simply using brute force.

There are many variations of techniques used by many different locksmiths when unlocking cars and opening car doors.

Most of these techniques are very easy to learn and perform; however, it should also be noted that it can be incredibly difficult to do so in certain situations.

Therefore, it is always recommended to find a reputable locksmith who will assist you in opening your car door.

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