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How Long Does a Jeep Wrangler Last?

Jeeps are recognized for their durability and toughness, and the Wrangler is one of the most celebrated members of this iconic family.

But how long does a Jeep Wrangler last? You might have to look for a company to sell junk car to in Portland if you’re not sure if there is still life left in your old Jeep Wrangler.

image - How Long Does a Jeep Wrangler Last?
How Long Does a Jeep Wrangler Last?

The Average age of Discontinuation

While the discontinuation age varied across models, there were some patterns we observed.

Across many models, for instance, the average lifespan tended to rise by one year from 2002 to 2017 – indicating that newer Jeeps last longer than their older brethren.

This trend is also reflected in the discontinuation age. The average discontinuation age rose from 14 years (2002) to 15 years (2017).

The discontinuation ages of newer models also tended to be later than the discontinuation years of older models.

While we can’t definitively say that these trends will continue into the future, we feel confident in stating that Jeeps will likely be around for at least some period following discontinuation.

How Long Does a Jeep Wrangler Last?

The lifespan of a Jeep Wrangler depends on how well it’s cared for. When a vehicle is driven regularly and maintained, it can last many years.

If you keep your Wrangler in good condition, you can expect it to last for years without major repairs.

The way you use the vehicle should also influence how long it’s going to last. A vehicle that is used for racing or heavy towing is less likely to last as long as one used for occasional off-roading.

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What Affects the Longevity of a Jeep?

One of the biggest factors in how long a Jeep Wrangler lasts is the way it’s driven. If you’re going to put your SUV through some off-road excursions, you should be aware that it’s more likely to break down.

Drive too hard or abuse gears and drivetrain components and you risk damaging your Wrangler beyond repair. The way a Jeep Wrangler is driven will also affect the way it holds up over time.

The types of parts that are used in a jeep can affect its life expectancy as well.

While the motors and transfer case of a Jeep is built to last longer than many other vehicles, other components like axles and driveshafts have been known to fail at an alarming rate when compared to other vehicles.

How to Maintain a Jeep Wrangler for Longevity?

To keep your Jeep Wrangler running for as long as possible, take good care of it. Regular oil changes and periodic maintenance are important to keep your Jeep in top condition and ensure longevity.

Keeping parts in good shape is also a key part of ensuring your Wrangler’s health.

You don’t have to do anything too strenuous or expensive; buying high-quality, reliable parts can help you prevent issues from taking place down the road.

How to Trade in a Jeep Wrangler

If your vehicle is about to break down and you aren’t too keen on replacing it, consider trading in your Jeep for a newer model.

If you do decide to trade in your Jeep Wrangler, you will need to know how much the dealer will be willing to give for it.

You may also be able to get more money for your vehicle by selling it privately. Talk to a dealer before you take your Wrangler to the dealership.

What Can I Do with My Jeep Wrangler?

If your Jeep Wrangler has passed its prime and can’t be fixed, there are still plenty of things that you can do with it.

You can still use your Wrangler to pull some heavy loads and make it a weekend camping vehicle.

You can also cruise around town. If you want to keep your Wrangler for a while, there are plenty of things that you can do to try and prolong the life of your vehicle.

Use the tips that are provided below to help keep your Wrangler useful for years.

For a vehicle that’s widely recognized for its ruggedness and dependability, the Jeep Wrangler already is long in years.

There are several versions of this robust and admirable machine. Jeep has kept the Wrangler up to date with new engine options and technological innovations. An end result is a machine that is both durable and pleasing to the eye.

The underpinnings are made of 13-ply steel, which means that the chassis is extremely rugged.

That said, there are inherent weaknesses in any vehicle that has steel in its construction.

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