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Attractive Ways of Installing Tiles Creatively in Your Home

Tile is considered a versatile material that is useful not only for floors but also for walls and décor.

Whether it comes to remodeling a bathroom or renovation of the kitchen, tile enhances the features and gives a divine look.

image - Attractive Ways of Installing Tiles Creatively in Your Home
Attractive Ways of Installing Tiles Creatively in Your Home

Tiling a home can fit any budget from reasonably low to exquisite tiles for more appealing and rich looks and could be costly.

For an enhanced and rich look, you can shop for CaPietra Tiles or opt for simple ceramic tiles for a budget-friendly option.

Creative Ways of Installing Tiles

Let’s explore some creative ways how we can install the tiles in different areas of our homes.

1. Bathroom Floor Tiles

Changing an old-fashioned laminate or vinyl of your bathroom with tile flooring is a better move to spruce it up.

It does enhance your home value. To keep it simple, use porcelain or individual ceramic tile in a crisscross pattern.

Also, you can opt for a customized design with different colors and shapes available for your flooring.

In case of a shortage of resources and time, the porcelain sheet used for tile flooring is also a good alternative.

It helps in quick installation, restricts accidents, and your bathroom gets a new look at an affordable cost.

2. Tiling of Shower Area and Bath Tub

Tile is required not only used for flooring. But tiles can also cover the walls on the backside of the tub to make your bathroom improve its ability to store water where it is necessary

To make your bathroom look best in class, go in for the option of travertine or subway tiles. These materials have durability, and installation is easy.

You can choose from different colors that range from black, white, and other varied colors options.

The tiling of the entire tub is also possible if you are a little ambitious. It becomes an attractive bathing area, adding uniqueness, and the design is customizable.

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3. Putting Tiles Everywhere in the Bathroom

Once you begin tiling your bathroom, there’s no point in restricting it only to the tub or floor.

But add tiling for your entire bathroom, covering the bathtub, shower, and flooring. This design is best if you’re remodeling a bathroom that has the provision of an open shower and a customized bathtub.

You will notice an eye-catching appearance in this bathroom with the proper usage of smaller tiles.

As there are possibilities of rising complexity in its installation, always consult a designer before finalizing the remodeling.

4. Consider Wainscoting

The plaster or the drywall that is not protected can deteriorate quickly with the continuous water flow in the bathroom.

The tile wainscoting acts as a protection layer to the wall. The straightforward subway tiles are best suited for tile wainscoting.

If the installation is correct, there is no reason to worry about water damages or leakages in the bathroom, as tile wainscoting acts as a seal that connects the floor.

5. Kitchen Backsplash is an Important Area

The kitchen will look incomplete if it lacks a striking backsplash. If you are redesigning your kitchen and wish to take it to another level, creativeness in the backsplash is necessary.

You can choose classical glass tiles of different colors. You can also combine intense color with diversified tiles that are small in a checker pattern.

Metal tiles can fight with wear and tear, spills, and heat, so a backsplash is the best place to integrate these tiles.

The color of the tile hardly matters; the kitchen gets an elegant look with the tile in the backsplash.

6. Give a Tidy Look to the Corridor

Many times, the pathways or corridors connecting one room to another are empty. You can make this area lively by tiling. Patterned tile looks perfect in the Corridors.

7. Keep a Plan for Space Outdoor

There are several indoor spaces where the tiles are a must, but it also holds significance outdoors.

Tiling looks beautiful in the pool area or if you wish to reform an outdated area like terrace or veranda.

Go back to your drawing board and outline an attractive and functional living space outdoors. Limestone or sandstone flooring tiles are the best for outdoor spacing.

8. Entryway: Creates an Impression

The homeowners usually miss seeing the divine attraction of the entryway like the corridor. Tile flooring gives a lasting impression on family and friends and is better than laminate or hardwood flooring.

You can achieve this by using travertine or classic sandstone tiling. The dashed bold design of the tile can give your entryway a class apart look.

9. Making Accent Wall

An average room looks aesthetically pleasing with a painted accent wall. If this is so, think, what a tiled accent wall can offer you? Your dull room will gain life and look pleasing to your eyes.

To create a lasting impact, opt for the most prominent room in your house and get creative as far as possible.

Larger tiles will not be the right idea for sitting and living rooms. Glass Mosaic is the perfect choice for these rooms. Make sure that the rest of the interior gets designed as per the accent wall.

Final Words on Creative Tiling

When it comes to the usage of tiles, it has no limits. To judge how much is enough is not possible. Decide on the tile for the kitchen area and washroom and then for your entire home.

Tiling will give your home a look that is mesmerizing for the eyes of everyone. The only thing that you will have to keep in mind is the type of tile to be used in different spaces.

The nature of tiling is versatile, and so proper consultation from a professional will give a beautiful look to all the areas in your house.