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How to Fix Tiles Over Tiles at Home: How to Tile a Floor

As far as a DIY project goes, tiling an entire room (even over existing tiles) on your own is a fairly ambitious project but not impossible. Of course, like any other DIY project, it begins with research. Read up on every aspect of floor tiling before you decide to take the leap.

Once you decide to tile a room on your own, it is even more imperative to read up as much as possible. Familiarise yourself with all the tools that you will require as well the raw materials for tile fixing. After all you don’t want to realise you forgot to buy tile spacers when you are half way done right?

How to fix tiles over tiles at home?
How to fix tiles over tiles at home?

Here’s everything you need before you begin fixing tiles over existing or older tiles.


  • 4-ft. level
  • Belt or orbital sander (80-grit)
  • Rotary tool / carbide scraper.
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Ankle grinder
  • Notched Trowel
  • Regular Trowel
  • Tile spacers if necessary
  • Hard-nosed Pliers


  • Thin-set Mortar or Tile on Tile Adhesive
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Grout

Step 1

Clean your existing surface. Check for any loose tiles and fix them firmly in place. Use the level for any high spots and sand them down with the sanding belt for an even surface. Lastly remove loose or mouldy grout using a carbide scraper. Now wash and clean the surface to remove any dirt or debris.

Step 2

Mix the thin-set / adhesive using the manufacturer’s directions. Use only enough that can be used at a time, most tile fixing solutions require that you keep mixing a fresh batch at regular intervals.

Step 3

Laying your first tile is the key to a good finish. The secret is to begin with a tile in the centre and work your way outwards so that you refrain from tiling yourself into a corner and achieve a symmetrical finish. Use a measuring tape to place your central tile and then work in rows or columns.

Step 4

Place the tile fixing solution using a notched trowel on the floor in the centre. Then apply adhesive to the tile and firmly slide it into place. Use tile spacers between tiles if necessary to achieve an even distance between each tile.

Step 5

When you are finished tiling the room, it is important to let the tiles set for at least 24 hours before you begin grouting. When the tiles are partially set, it is important to remove the tile spacers (if you have used them) with hard-nosed pliers.

Step 6

Complete your tile fixing project by grouting your tiles. You can use regular grout or even Coloured grout in a matching or contrasting shade for added impact. Simply mix the grout as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Use a trowel to fill in all the gaps between the tiles. When all the gaps have been filled simply wipe off the excess grout with a wet sponge or cloth and let dry.

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