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Tips for Enhancing the Bare Appeal of Any Room or Wall

Let’s face it: as homes age, their appeal often declines. Whether a homeowner wants a modern-looking home or a classical design, most residences do not age gracefully on their own.

Whether it is due to a dated look or sheer wear and tear, it becomes necessary at a certain point to renovate or otherwise re-design various aspects of the home.

Tips for Enhancing the Bare Appeal of Any Room or Wall
Enhancing the Bare Appeal of Any Room or Wall

Tips for Enhancing the Bare Appeal of Any Room or Wall

As much as we can paint and decorate the interior of a home, much of its aged and worn-out look can be found in the base elements of the home. This requires a simple yet fundamental remodeling to address.

Today, we’ll talk about a few tips that can be used to renovate the basic elements of any room or wall to restore its appeal and give it a timeless look.

Install Some Drywall

For homes and rooms where bare, concrete, brick or otherwise unappealing walls are present, the solution can often be as simple as covering them with a new facade.

Especially true in basements, the difference between bare concrete and a finished wall can make the difference between a damp, ugly space and a beautiful new room.

Drywall is the perfect solution for such a project. The cost of installing drywall is relatively cheap, meaning that you won’t break the budget to enhance the bare appeal of the room(s).

Once installed, the walls can then be finished and ultimately painted for a lovely touch that accentuates the space.

Invest in Paint

The color and finish of any wall are often the first things people will notice about a room. If you’re feeling down and out about a particular room, then painting it could be a straightforward solution.

Painting is very complicated (more than many might think), but a little bit of preparation can ensure the job is done successfully.

There are a seemingly countless number of colors and finishes to consider, meaning that there is a perfect choice for any wall or room you’d like to improve.

Even if you’ve made no structural changes to the space itself, the overall look and feel of the space will be improved dramatically.

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Eliminate Dividers

Some rooms in older homes have dividing walls that may restrict the space or otherwise make it feel less than ideal. This could be anything from kitchen bars that aren’t in use to half-walls that serve only to accumulate clutter.

These elements truly show a home’s age and reduce the efficiency of the space itself.

Embarking on a project to remove these dividing elements can help open up space and ultimately give the room’s fundamental design a more timeless look. Just to be sure to verify which interior walls can be removed.

Focus on the Windows

A wall or room without proper lighting is a drab and miserable place. Likewise, outdated windows that are oddly shaped, excessively small, or even prone to rust can be just as unappealing.

Rather than tolerating this, look for ways to improve the lighting situation by installing new windows where old ones exist, creating entirely new spaces for windows, or even evaluating whether a natural skylight is a viable option.

These elements can make a room look larger and more welcoming, even without any new furniture, décor, or accessories.

Walls ultimately tell the story of the home. You want each room to be a veritable page-turner, and not some boring, useless space.

These four ideas are just a few of the many projects that can be pursued to increase the natural, bare appeal of a wall or space – and they’ll keep on providing that benefit for decades to come.

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