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How to Effectively Clean Ceramic Tiles

Do you also use ceramic tiles at home? Ceramic tiles Essex is glamorous for your interiors. It makes the dull and empty floor look perfect and fresh. However, what if the ceramic tile itself got dirty?

Dirty ceramic tiles can make your clean home filthy and less admiring. Visitors may not be impressed with the dirty floors because they think it evaluates your attitude.

image - How to Effectively Clean Ceramic Tiles
How to Effectively Clean Ceramic Tiles

Clean floors equal pure purposes. So, if you are problematic right now about tidying up your loved ceramic tiles at home, here are the comprehensive and step-by-step ways for you to do it.

Get Ready for a Huge Mess

Ironically, when you decide to clean the floors, your other room may get messy. That’s because you have to move your furniture temporarily into another room while cleaning the dirty floor. A huge Mess is necessary for cleaning thoroughly.

So, after moving the furniture and equipment that may get in the way of your cleaning, the next step is to clean the floor primarily with a good broom.

Brooming can help you clean up all noticeable and non-sticky dirt and garbage such as cuts of papers, dust, even debris from any event. It is required to broom the floor up before hurrying on to the next step.

Scrape off Dirty Residue in Tiles

If your broom cannot remove the food or sticky gum residue that remained on the floor, you can use things like a plastic knife or an old credit card to scrape it off. You should also be careful in scraping not to produce any damage in the ceramic tiles Essex.

It is essential to scrape off all residue before starting your cleanup operation because mopping might spread the rubble instead of cleaning it.

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Use a Warm and Clean Mop

Now, if it is all done, warm water helps remove the sticky stains in your ceramic tiles, such as coffee, juice, and other coloured solutions that affect the colour of it.

Aside from that, it can also help your mop to stay clean in the endless cycle of mop-clean-mop repeat. You will see a promising result once you mop the floor nicely.

Use Vinegar and Dish Soap for Stain.

If the warm water hasn’t been enough in cleaning the stains on the floor, you might like to try this intelligent solution. All to do is to blend half a cup of vinegar and a little dish soap.

Try it out in a warm mopping again and observe whether your ceramic tiles Essex replenished the new look. It should be shinier in its characteristics.

Furthermore, vinegar is a good component in disinfecting the floor. So, you will be sure that it is not only looking clean but safe too. After mopping with vinegar and dish soap, rinse it off with warm water to avoid the slippery effect and smell.

Let it Dry

The treatment of cleaning ceramic tiles also includes letting them dry. You can use electric fans to dry it fastly, or you can let it dry naturally by allowing some air inside your house for a while.

After that process, you can now move back your cleaned furniture and equipment into place and have the confidence back.