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How Long Does It Take to Remodel a House on Average?

Home remodelling can seem like a daunting prospect.

Budget is certainly a consideration, with the average homeowner already spending almost $10,000 a year on home improvements. Ensuring that the work is done right — and to your specifications — is another.

image - How Long Does It Take to Remodel a House on Average
How Long Does It Take to Remodel a House on Average

But many put off major renovation work due to the expectation of how long it will take. After all, many of us still need to live in a home while it’s being worked on.

So how long does it take to remodel a house? To get an idea, let’s take a look at the steps you need to go through and what factors can influence the process.

What Does the Timeframe Look Like?

Remodelling a home is a lot like building one from scratch in the sense that there is no universal plan. Each remodels is a one-of-a-kind project.

That said, there are certain stages that remodel has to go through, and based on those we can generate a basic timeframe.

Step 1: The Design Phase — 1 to 3 Months

For basic home improvement projects, feel free to take the DIY route. But when it comes to planning a full-scale remodel, you’ll need the input of a professional.

That means hiring an architect to help make sure that your alterations not only look good but are safe and structurally sound as well.

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Step 2: Soliciting Bids — 2 to 3 Weeks

With your designs finalized, you can set to work hiring your workers. This process entails an involved bidding process that will help make sure you’re getting the best value from the labour you hire.

Ideally, you will want to have your primary builder already on-board during the design phase. This will save time as he can start immediately vetting subcontractors while the designs are being finalized.

To make the process easier, a lot of homeowners contract dedicated remodelling firms like Diamond Home Remodeling Inc.

These companies are fully licensed and bonded and have the labour and resources to handle major remodels in-house, making this phase much simpler.

Step 3: Permitting — 1 Month

Once your plans are finalized, you need to make sure that all your legal concerns are taken care of.

At the very least you’ll need to acquire permits for any major alterations.

And depending on your municipality and the scope of your project, inspections, and approvals from other bodies like Home Owner’s Associations may be in order.

Step 4: Construction — Anywhere From 3 to 9 Months

Having gone through all the prerequisites, you can now give the green light to your team to start construction in earnest.

How long the actual construction will take can range widely depending on the scale of the renovations. But the three-to-nine month is a good estimate for remodelling an entire home.

There Are More Questions to Consider Than How Long Does It Take to Remodel a House

From start to finish, the renovation process is an intensive one. Simply wondering how long does it take to remodel a house is just the beginning.

However, it is a worthwhile endeavour. Particularly if you bought a fixer-upper that you weren’t in love with, but could see had potential.

And with the right knowledge, you can make every step of the journey a little easier. So to help ensure a successful remodel, be sure to keep up with all of our latest design tips and design guides.

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