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How Many BTUs Do I Need for My Air Conditioner?

Installing an air conditioner seems to be an easier task, but multiple factors are there, which contributes to doing a perfect installation. Among all of them, size is an integral factor whenever you are moving ahead to purchase it.

In case you have purchased too big, it will cool up the room too quickly, and if you have purchased the smaller one, then you need to wait for a longer duration.

Along with the sizes, BTUS is also very important to know. If you have no idea what we are talking about, let’s get started and understand it in detail.

image - How Many BTUs Do I Need for My Air Conditioner
How Many BTUs Do I Need for My Air Conditioner

What are BTUs?

BTUS is a British thermal unit of heat. It is basically defined as the amount of heat required for raising the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.

Accordingly, the units will be decided required for raising the temperature. It signifies the cooling and heating power of the device according to the Ambience in which it is placed.

An air conditioner plays an important role because it is all about temperature management, and if the temperature is not maintained as required, the results will not be as a person is expecting.

What is the Role of BTUs in the Air Conditioner?

BTUs in an air conditioner signify the capacity or power of the AC. It is directly proportional to the cooling effect.

But the question arises on how a person will be able to calculate how many BTUs are required for cooling down any specific area? If you have the same question, don’t worry.

Certain rules are there that will help you to calculate it easily.

Rules to Consider for Calculating the BTUs

At the very first, you need to be sure about the type of air conditioner you are having. In case the window air conditioners are available, comes up with a cooling capacity that ranges from 5000 to 12500 British thermal units.

According to the rule of thumb with an air conditioner, 20 British thermal units are required for each square feet of living space. This will help you to calculate the units you required.

According to the area in which you are installing the AC calculates about required British thermal units.

Along with the square area, it is important to get an idea about the height of the ceiling and the size of the windows and doorways. This will also help you to get an idea about the cooling power required.

When you are looking forward to measuring for the room, calculate the product length by width and add them to the size of the rooms which are not separated by the doors.

The reason being is because air conditioners need cool spaces. After getting the products, you need to make the adjustment according to the condition arising. Some common conditions are as follows:-

  • Check out the room if it is heavily shaded, reduce the capacity by 10%.
  • In case it is having some exposure to the sun, increase the capacity by 10%.
  • In case two people are occupying the room regularly and on 600 units for each additional person.
  • In case you are using it in the kitchen, increase the capacity by 4000 British thermal units.

By understanding the above-mentioned factors, you will be able to calculate the required British thermal units easily. Purchasing a small room air conditioner, check onto each and every factor in detail, and then reached a conclusion.

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How do You Get an Idea About the Size of the Air Conditional Required?

Whenever you are moving head to understand the size of the air conditioner required by the room, we suggest you check onto the capacity it holds.

The capacity will help you to decide whether it is right for a particular location or not. They have already mentioned that the British thermal unit is directly proportional to the cooling effect, and it is directly proportional to the larger area.

If you are purchasing an air conditioner for a very large area, you need to purchase the air conditioner having very high British thermal units.

Maintenance of the air Conditioner

It is vital for you to be sure about the maintenance of the air conditioner as well. The air conditioner is significant to maintain because the temperature has an effect on the surroundings.

If you are not sure about the cooling effect and other maintenance tips related to the air conditioner, the results will not be as you are expecting. We suggest you check on it in detail so that there will be no such trouble in any case.

Which Factors Contribute to the Quality of the Air Conditioner?

When it is about understanding the factors contributing to a good air conditioner, we suggest you go for a brand. The market is flooded with a lot of brands which are highly efficient in fulfilling your requirement.

We suggest you check it out in detail, and then we should make the conclusion. The major reason for choosing a brand is because it will help you to have a reliable and durable product as well.

Not only this, get an idea about the size of the room as well. In case you are looking forward to purchasing a small room air conditioner, but you have chosen the large room one, the result will not be as you are expecting, and it will burn your pocket and returned as well.

Therefore to save you from unnecessary electricity bills, keep track of it as well.

Last but not least, have an idea about the British thermal unit because it is directly proportional to the cooling effect, and it has an effect on the size as well. Check it out and reach the conclusion which air conditioner will be going to fulfill your requirements.


Here we discuss the British thermal unit requirement with the AC. We suggest you check it out in detail so that purchasing an air conditioner will be an easy thing for you to do.

Don’t worry if you have no idea about it just let the service provider and know and understand what you are looking for. They will help you in understanding each and every factor so that when you purchase the AC, there will be no such trouble at all.

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