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How Much Does Hot Tub Installation Cost? A Simple Guide

A hot tub is a perfect place to relax after a long workday. The heat will ease muscle aches. The powerful jets can work out any muscle kinks or knots.

Most homeowners have considered installing a hot tub at their home at least once. Not knowing how much that installation might cost, however, stops many from moving forward with their idea.

image - How Much Does Hot Tub Installation Cost? A Simple Guide
How Much Does Hot Tub Installation Cost? A Simple Guide


How much does hot tub installation cost? Continue reading to learn the answer, along with the factors which can affect your hot tub’s pricing.

How Much Does Hot Tub Installation Cost?

The price of installing a hot tub varies based on several factors. Homeowners can generally expect to spend a couple of thousand dollars.

Besides the price considerations discussed in detail below, the geographical location and the company used are also cost factors. Specific companies or geographic regions may be more expensive than others.

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Price Considerations

There are many price considerations when determining how much it will cost to have a hot tub installed at your home. Below we look at the most common factors in detail.


The size of your desired hot tub is one of the most significant considerations in determining the price. The larger the hot tub, the more expensive it will cost. Larger models also require more to install.

Built-In and Additional Features

The features a hot tub comes with will also affect its price. Some features may be built into the specific model you choose, while some can be added after-market.

A few of the most common features available include:

  • More powerful jets
  • Control panel
  • Various forms of lighting
  • Filtration system
  • Cover lifter
  • Various entertainment options

These are only the most common available features. Some models may come with more advanced options.

Materials Used

The materials used to build the hot tub need to be taken into consideration. The cheapest type of material is a soft, inflatable kind. This is also the material most prone to damage.

More expensive but durable options include acrylic, vinyl, and wood. A cedar hot tub will likely cost more than an acrylic hot tub but will last longer.

Quality of Hot Tub

The overall quality of the hot tub can affect the price. The hot tub’s manufacturer generally determines quality. You should expect to pay slightly higher for better craftsmanship.

Desired Installation Location

The location you want the hot tub installed can affect the price. If the ground isn’t level, the installers will have to level it. If the installers need to lay a concrete foundation for the hot tub to sit on, this will also increase costs.

Do You Have More Questions About Hot Tub Installation Costs?

The cost to install a hot tub varies considerably based on many factors. When getting a quote, your installers should include all factors in the final price. If you aren’t sure whether your chosen company has, ask them.

Do you have more questions about how much does hot tub installation costs?

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