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Choose Awnings Depending on the Location and Available Space

Window awnings are outdoor window dressings that enhance the building aesthetics with its colorful looks. It is not mandatory to install awnings, but doing it will be a move towards beautification that makes homeowners proud.

It will also help to transform your outdoor lifestyle during spring and summer if you want to use awnings in the open space to create shade and comfort where you can spend some time of the day during your leisure hours.

image - Choose Awnings Depending on the Location and Available Space
Choose Awnings Depending on the Location and Available Space

You can become creative with awning selection because there are hundreds of patterns printed on dyed acrylic fabric, which is the staple choice.

To create a shade with awnings or even using it for window dressing, you can choose between fixed awnings and retractable awnings.

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Fixed Awnings are the Most Common

Most of us are familiar with fixed awnings installed on a metallic frame that supports the fabric and provides a permanent structure that becomes an integral part of the building architecture.

Consider the space requirements carefully before installation so that the awning can be accommodated without any problems.

Since fixed awnings are permanent structures, you must consider all aspects before deciding to install it because a change in mind later can result in unwanted expenses.

Retractable Awning

If you want awnings to remain flexible to your needs, then you must choose retractable awning installation for windows or, for that matter, in any other place so that you can use the awnings when you need shade or protection from rain and remove it when not required.

Retractable awnings are advantageous because of their space-saving ability as you can fold or roll it when there is no use.

As a result, the fabric of the awning lasts longer because you can retract it during inclement weather like rain, storm, and snow when the chances of damage are the most.

Retractable awnings are available in different types based on the method of retraction. Some types are manually operated, which requires manpower and labor to fold and unfold the awnings.

For more comfortable operations by pressing a switch, you can choose motorized awnings, some even with remote control options.

Consider the Cost

Installing an awning is not always cheap, and you must consider the expenses which can influence your selection. Besides the upfront cost, you must also consider the cost of maintenance, which is necessary to ensure long life that helps to recover the cost.

Fixed awnings last longer and cost less than retractable awnings, at least if you consider the initial cost of installation. The structure of the canopy of retractable awnings is much complex than the canopy of fixed awnings.

Moreover, accessories like motors and electrical systems may be required if you prefer automatic operations. But the initial cost is mostly offset through lower maintenance, an aspect that you must take note of when comparing the costs.

Add to this the aspect of longevity because the frame of a retractable awning can last for almost 20 years, and if you take care of the fabric and protect it from inclement weather, it can last for at least 10 years.