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Different Designs of Window Shutters Create Distinctive Styles

You must pay attention to window shutters because it contributes immensely to the looks and enhances the value of homes by giving homes a finished and distinctive look.

When installed to the home exterior, shutters provide an extra layer of security, especially to the ground floor windows and in other areas against the elements of weather like storm and rain.

Primarily, the function of shutters is to protect homes by keeping out the weather and it as a bare necessity during the times when the glass was not much widely used for window covering.

image - Different Designs of Window Shutters Create Distinctive Styles
Different Designs of Window Shutters Create Distinctive Styles

Shutters are also highly functional in offering protection against intrusion as you can bolt it from inside, which also helps to protect from the elements of weather.

However, since the time glass panes became popular, shutters are no more the standard choice for homes but in many cases serves as decorative elements that enhance the home aesthetics.

But the functionality of shutters remains unchanged regardless of the purpose of its use, whether for protection or decoration.

Shutters Gold Coast has a special appeal that brings back the old-world charm and is excellent for use alongside open windows to regulate the entry of light and air.

The design of shutters contributes to its appeal and here are the design choices for you.

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Panel Shutters

This type of shutters has solid panels, and the design enhances the insulating properties besides offering extra security.

The design of shutters varies according to the orientation of the panel that comes in three types – flat panel, raised panel and recessed panel style.

Raised panel shutters are available in two different types – archtop and straight top. Panel shutters are more popular in areas of cold climate and can be made of a single panel, double panels or three panels.

Louvered Shutters

The design of Louvered shutters consist of two sets of slats with a centre rail in between that creates a more traditional look.

Depending on the nature of use, you can keep the slats fixed if you do not want to operate it or open it up to have a clear view of the outside and allow entry of more light and air.

The ability to adjust the window opening makes Louvered shutters a good choice for homes in warmer climates and preferred for its traditional looks.

Board and Batten Shutters

Board and batten shutters consist of grouped single boards joined with the help battens which are short crosspieces of wood fixed horizontally.  Depending on the design of the shutter, you can place the batten at any other angle too.

Bahama Shutters

This type of shutter has another name as people also call it Bermuda shutters and it is a variant of Louvered shutters.

While Louvered shutters are installed by fixing the shutters along the vertical sides, Bahama shutters are installed from the top.

Hurricane Shutters

As the name suggests, Hurricane shutters are meant for protecting homes and preventing window breakage during a hurricane. For effectiveness, the window consists of one large panel and made from steel, aluminium, and plywood.

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