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The Art of Couch Buying: How to Choose a Great One

Have you walked into a furniture store recently? There are so many different couches to choose from!

You may experience buyer’s remorse if you simply pick one out without doing any research. How can you choose the right one and know that it’s the best fit for your living space?

image - The Art of Couch Buying How to Choose a Great One
The Art of Couch Buying How to Choose a Great One

Don’t worry! Read this guide to learn the basics when it comes to couch buying and become an expert in no time.

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Measure Your Space

One of the most important tips for buying a couch is to measure your space. This is especially important if you have a small living room space. You don’t want to bring home the perfect couch only to find that it doesn’t fit.

Measure your space and then think about the rest of the room. Will you be adding chairs? A coffee table?Side tables?

Will the sofa be the main focus of the room? Have an idea of what you want the room to look like before start choosing a sofa. Then you can narrow down the selection to just a few couches that fit your needs.

Look at Different Shapes

Now it’s time to look at different shapes and how they will fit into your space. Sofa’s with rounded arms are more traditional. If you want a statement piece to try buying a couch with straight arms.

An L-shaped sofa is perfect for a large living room that needs to be separated from other areas of the house. This shape works well with an open floor-plan.

A rounded back couch can help you save room in a small space. The rounded back couch takes up less space than a straight back sofa. When buying a couch take a look at all the different shapes before you make up your mind and weight the pros and cons of each.

Pick out Your Material

The material you choose for your couch will be based on what type of look you are going for, but you should also keep some other things in mind. Do you have kids or pets?

If yes, you need to learn how to clean a couch in case it gets messy. Perhaps a couch with a slipcover design in a durable canvas material would be best.

Do you like the look of a leather sofa but live in a warmer climate? Then perhaps a faux leather would be less warm. When buying a couch be sure to consider all of your fabric options.

Think About Your Home’s Decor

Lastly, it’s important to think about your home’s decor when buying a sofa. You don’t want your couch to look mismatched or out of place. Choose a couch that will easily match or complement the other pieces in your home.

Choosing the right couch could be as easy as taking a look around your home for inspiration. If you already have a dark wood TV cabinet find a sofa that will coordinate.

Couch Buying Should Be Easy

Couch buying doesn’t have to be hard. Now that you’ve read this guide on how to buy the right sofa you are adequately prepared to take your search to the furniture store. Happy shopping!

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