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How Much Does a Gate Cost for Your Home?

Wooden gates are the perfect match for tree-lined driveways, but what if yours doesn’t have a lot of greeneries?

Does that mean you should forgo a wood gate? No matter how your driveway looks like, your gate choice is entirely up to you.

image - How Much Does a Gate Cost for Your Home
How Much Does a Gate Cost for Your Home

The good news is there are tons of gate materials to choose from, including aluminum, iron, steel, wood, chain link, and vinyl. Of course, you can also pick based on price.

That being said, if you’re wondering, “how much does a gate cost?” let’s look at the factors that influence what you’ll spend on your new gate.

Size and Material: How Much Does a Gate Cost?

Home gates usually cost anywhere between $1000 and $6,000. These include installation fees.

Now, if you’re working out your budget for your new gate, you need to understand how gate height will significantly affect your expenses. Remember that an 8′ gate is around 20% more expensive than a 6′ one. The same applies to residential gates that are wider than usual.

As for material, you can save a lot with a chain-link fence, but it’s not as beautiful as other types of gates. Another low-cost option is vinyl. However, it doesn’t hold up well to extreme temperature changes.

Meanwhile, wood driveway gates are durable and beautiful, but they require intensive maintenance. On the other hand, iron and steel are expensive options, but their versatility makes them worth it. Last but not least is aluminum, which is lightweight but susceptible to dents.

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Are the Best Gates Manual or Automatic?

Regardless of the material, your costs can also increase or decrease depending on how your gate operates.

If you opt for a manual gate, you’ll spend less on installation, but it’s not as convenient as an automatic gate. Of course, if you don’t receive many visitors and you don’t mind opening and closing the gate yourself, there’s no need to upgrade to an automatic driveway gate. Plus, you’ll also save on repair costs since automated gates require professional servicing.

As for automatic gates, your costs can go over $12,000 only if you opt for the works. That means the most sophisticated system with accessories such as intercom, exit probes, and cameras.

Other Things to Consider

Beyond size, material, and operation method, don’t forget to add warranty and maintenance to your budget.

It’s a good thing then that many companies offer warranties for gates and accessories. With maintenance, your installer can advise you on how best to prevent fading and damage. Be sure to follow their tips to avoid expensive repair costs later on.

Now, if you want something unique, you can go for a custom gate. It’s more expensive than prefab, but some driveways need it. For example, if yours is sloping, a traditional gate might not be your best option.

Just remember to choose a specialist like this company to ensure your custom gate is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Gate Expectations

Knowing the answer to “how much does a gate cost?” should help you budget for your new driveway gate.

If you opt for a custom gate, though, you’ll spend more, but it’s all worth it if you can find a reputable installer.

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