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Garden Gate Ideas for Your Home

An entrance makes the first impression on a structure. Your garden’s door has equal importance compared to your house door.

When choosing a garden door, you may search for wooden garden gates that bear a vintage look and also are strong enough to protect the garden from kids and pets. You will find plenty of options to decide.

In this blog, we’ve put together some exquisite design of timber garden gates for you.

image - Garden Gate Ideas for Your Home
Garden Gate Ideas for Your Home

Gloucester Wooden Garden Gate

It has a timeless style that suits most types of residential property. Its traditional wooden gate design is ideal for securing the entrance, path, and side access points; making it a great choice.

Gloucester wooden garden gate also provides an enduring elegance to any pedestrian access point. The pales number will vary depending on the width of choice.

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Dorset Wooden Garden Gate

It features an arch-topped attractive look, has a ledge and braced back face. This layout blends virtually to any residential ambient. Its visually appealing design provides good value for money. The ledge and braced design provide years of security.

Salisbury Wooden Garden Gate

Its decorative cages fitted to the metal infill bars makes it very desirable. This wooden gate enhances the outlook of any outdoor setting, making it a perfect choice for style-conscious owners.

Besides, it lets you have a design statement as it makes a great focal point to the garden entrance at a competitive price.

Vertifleur Wooden Garden Gate

This timber gate design adds a magnificent character to any garden setting. It is fitted with solid metal infill bars. A great selection in size ensures that you will have the best fit for your garden.

The wooden garden gate provides years of security and privacy benefits at an amazing price.

Arched Lattice Topped Gate

This entrance is pressure treated to prevent insect attack and fungal decay and maximize the lifespan of the gate. The frames are made from strong rebated framing, which is mortised & tenoned and then screwed together.

However, this garden gate is supplied without any posts or gate ironwork.

Jaktop Criss Cross Garden Gate

Jaktop panels and gates grace many front gardens in rural and suburban areas and offer a decorative alternative to palisade or picket style fencing.

The crisscrossed pattern is constructed using half round timber pales that gives a traditional attractive gate design. It is actually designed for use with slotted Jackpots.

There are many things you can try to enhance the aesthetics of your garden but only a few works like putting up a wooden garden gate. It brings life to your garden and lets you have a sophisticated feeling about the place.

A garden will automatically benefit from a refined timber gate as it transforms an ordinary space into an extraordinary one with the charm and great looks of it.

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