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How to Remodel Your Front Drive?

There are many things to consider when remodelling your front drive and garden.

The type of driveway material you plan to use, how much of your garden it will take up and whether you wish to have an additional lawn or planted areas are all considerations to make.

image - How to Remodel Your Front Drive?
How to Remodel Your Front Drive?

Once you have a general idea, the most important thing is to consider where in your garden each area needs to be and to decide on a budget.

You may need to use the front of your property to give you off-road parking, access to your garage and store your bins, but imagine if you could remodel it to keep all these practical elements but have it look beautiful too.

Below, we look at some ideas to help your practical elements fit seamlessly within the overall design, so they look great as well as being useful.

Kerb appeal can add huge value to your home, making it easier to sell should you want to and, perhaps more importantly,  providing a practical and enjoyable space for you while you live in the property it leads up to.

Siting Considerations

Siting driveways and paths are the first things to consider.

You will need a direct route to your front door and garage and will more than likely want to ensure that your visitors are not tempted to cut corners and trample all over your lawn.

Whatever type of surface material you choose for your driveway, you will need to ensure it will withstand vehicle weight and remain stable especially around the vulnerable edges.

Using a product such as road form for your edging formwork will give you a strong stabilising frame ready to concrete or pave. It could also ensure that you create defined neat edging simply and quickly.

You should also ensure your paths and driveways slope gently away from your house. You do not want to step out of your home or car into a puddle, so allowing for drainage and water disbursement is necessary.

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If you have unsightly bins and recycling containers at the front of your house, why not do something creative to hide them? If you don’t want to build a storage shed, decorative planters can disguise these awkward but necessary items.

Adding colour and interest through planters, potted trees and shrubs is a good idea too, these will soften lines and careful colour choice will give a stunning contrast to the hard driveway.

Topiary trees provide a stunning frame to a front door, or hanging baskets provide beautiful floral displays which can be changed as seasons move on, or why not add ivy and foliage rich plants for all year round effect?

Containers and planters can coordinate with your drive and pathway or add a splash of contrasting colour that will set your home off to best effect.

It might be wisest to keep it simple though and avoid the temptation to cram too much into your front garden.

Keeping it simple and manageable will ensure that you keep up any maintenance needed without it becoming a full-time job!


Another important consideration is security. While it may be tempting to the fence and gate your garden and driveway for added privacy, this could give a burglar the few minutes they need unsighted to break into your home.

You may want to mark your boundaries, but you can do so with lower walls, planters or edging stones.

Use gates that can be seen through and ensure that your lighting will show up any unwanted visitors, as well as ensuring you can return or leave in safety also.

Security lighting can be discreet and visually appealing and it doesn’t have to be so bright you wake up the entire neighbourhood or light up your bedrooms every time it is activated.

Planning your driveway by considering the above will ensure you have a driveway that looks and performs well and could add a significant amount of money to your home’s value.

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