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7 Things to Do After Your Home Remodel or Renovation

After following a long period of hard work, planning and executing your home renovations, you may think that you can sit back and relax now all the work is done.

However, it is important to apply the finishing touches to your home in order to ensure your renovation is looking the best it can be and so that your new space is carefully looked after.

image - 7 Things to Do After Your Home Remodel or Renovation
7 Things to Do After Your Home Remodel or Renovation

Follow these steps on what to do after your home remodel.

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Conduct a Final Check

Before the end of any remodelling project, you need to take the opportunity to conduct a final check on your premises.

Walkthrough the home and double-check each room to ensure that everything is completed and that you are happy with the results.

If you spot anything that may not look 100% perfect, whether this is the results from when you ​tile your fireplace​ or replaster and paint your kitchen.

Make a list of the areas you’d like to show your contractor so that they are held accountable for them.

This meeting should be scheduled by your contractor for when the project is coming to an end.

However, if they do not book in this critical walkthrough, take it upon yourself to arrange it. A good local contractor will be willing to work honestly with you through any of your concerns.

Start to Clean/Dust

image - Start to Clean

The majority of remodelling contractors will include the cleaning up process as part of their project. However, when working with a smaller budget, it is possible to arrange the cleanup yourself.

Doing this yourself is not the recommended solution as it can take many intensive hours to remove dust and debris that has built up over time.

Further, without extensive and precise cleaning, it can be dangerous for one to live on a post-construction site where dust and mould might remain.

Some areas to focus on are as follows:

  • Dry dust walls and if you have wallpaper, wipe down the walls with a damp cloth
  • Hoover your floors, if they are wooden, tiled or linoleum, then mop the floor afterwards
  • Use a correct attachment to hoover furniture that might have caught debris during the building
  • Clean light fixtures
  • Clean vents with warm soapy water
  • Dust and wipe down any surfaces
  • Check and change air filters

Get Painting

image - Get Painting

Consider painting your walls and ceiling after a renovation as the old paint can become damaged or chipped during construction.

Or if you fancy a change in colour scheme or interior design, this is the perfect time to paint so that you don’t have to move the furniture later on.

New Furniture

Depending on the nature of your remodel, you might find that your furniture feels outdated or out of place in your new space. Take and write down measurements beforehand and go shopping to buy new furniture that fits the new interior.

If you are looking for a way to save money, it could be a case of upcycling your furniture to make it look brand new. Get creative and start DIY-ing!


image - Insurance

It is important that you update your insurance agents with the adjustments you have made to your home, especially if they include adding significant value to your home.

Perhaps you will need to alter the limits on your homeowner’s policy or register new products or appliances to make the process of claiming warranty in the future easier.

Create a Maintenance Checklist

Following a home renovation or remodelling, you may find that you have new products or materials to work with that you are not familiar with.

The person who installed any of this should be sure to tell you how to look after them, but if they don’t:

  • Natural stone surfaces need to be sealed to prevent stains
  • Wooden floors need to be protected through the use of felt pads on the bottom of any heavy furniture. Ask your contractor how to clean your wooden floors
  • Wires and plumbing that have come loose off the walls during renovation need to be caulked
  • Fit new air filters and regularly change them
  • In modern homes, smart home devices may have been installed, make sure that you have the instruction manuals for these

Speak with your ​residential contractor​ if you need help maintaining your home after a remodel.

Celebrate Your Remodel!

Finally, after all the hard work and planning, you can finally live in your new space! Make sure you remember to enjoy your home after it’s remodelled because it was successful and you put a lot of effort into it.

Why not throw a party to show off your new renovation to your friends and family? Don’t forget to take photos of the work to leave feedback before you invite anyone over!

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