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How to Renovate a House

Home renovation is a great way to bring houses up to speed with the latest fixtures, additions, and technologies.

So, if you have weighed your options carefully and considered DIY over hiring a professional remodeler like Alameda remodeler, then you need a guide.

This article offers a step-by-step guide that will help you to achieve the desired remodeling outcome.

To do things the right way, you must have a plan and a timeline. These will help you stay true to the project and push you to deliver within a reasonable time frame.

For the purpose of accountability, the renovation process is split into four major phases. These phases include;

image - How to Renovate a House
How to Renovate a House
  • Phase 1 – Consider renovation
  • Phase 2 – Purchase a renovation
  • Phase 3 – Plan your renovation
  • Phase 4 – Renovate

Phase 1 – Consider a Renovation

This is one of the most exciting phases in the entire process. Here is where you consider the pros and cons of buying an updated home or buying a home that gives you the chance to renovate at will.

Put everything on paper, including the estimated cost of both options. In many cases, buying a home to be renovated is often cheaper and renovation is a way to boost the value of the home.

Renovated homes can be sold to make a profit or can be retained by the homeowner. While you are at this phase, below are some of the things you should do.

  • Put your existing property up for sale
  • Apply and secure a mortgage
  • Estimate the cost of the renovation project
  • Secure funding and allocate funds for the renovation
  • Organize house viewing to secure the right property that you wish to renovate
  • Place an offer and close the deal.

Phase 2 – Purchase a Renovation

Things get even more exciting when you have located a house that is just perfect for your renovation dream.

The ray of hope shines even brighter when your offer is accepted by the seller. This is when the real work starts.

You need to budget properly for everything to avoid being financially stranded along the way.

Before you start the renovation project, make sure that you have a little more money than you need to complete the project.

Also, ensure that the funds are accessible and not tied into some investment plans.

Once your funding source is okay and the plan is prepared, begin by surveying the building to understand how much renovation can be done. Essentially, at this phase of the project, the plan is to;

  • Appoint a solicitor
  • Conduct a building survey to identify your renovation needs, remove asbestos, and more
  • Brainstorm the layout possibilities
  • Conceptualize the new design for the house
  • Draw up a detailed budget of all renovation activities
  • Collect quotes and contracts.

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Phase 3 – Plan Your Renovation

Here at this point, you already have the keys to the new property to be renovated. The main task begins as you now have access and can set a timeline for the project.

It is recommended that you work with experienced contractors to ensure value for your money.

Make sure that you are involved in the process, from the design to construction and finishing. At this stage, the key steps to take include.

  • Get the keys to the new property.
  • Appoint an architect/builder/ general contractor/designer – if you are interested in a DIY attempt, look for online courses that take you through the process and save you more money.
  • Make concrete layout decisions
  • Calculate the cost of each stage of the renovation project with a structural engineer
  • Obtain permits for the renovation project by submitting the final drawing for building approval
  • Bring your design ideas to the mood board
  • Find a trusted supplier for your kitchen and bathroom remodeling needs
  • Compare quotes and choose a contractor
  • Firm up designs for electricals, lighting, and heating
  • Meet your insurance provider for home renovation insurance
  • Prepare the site to begin renovation

Phase 4 – Renovate

This is where all your weeks and months of planning begin to pay off. The renovation phase can be stressful, but the results will leave you happier than you expected.

Having drafted the plan for the renovation project, you can begin to tick things off one after the other. This phase of the project will involve;

  • Building or repair of the foundation if needed
  • Building or removal of structural elements like walls, brickwork, and roof framing
  • Installation of windows and updating of doors
  • Renovation inspection by the appropriate authority
  • Lights, electrical, and plumbing fixtures groundwork
  • Installation of insulations and plasterboards
  • Installation of wall paneling or plastering of walls and ceilings
  • Wall decorations
  • Lights, electrical, and plumbing fixture installation includes power outlets, lighting, and switches.
  • Flooring
  • Carpentry work for kitchen and bathrooms
  • Painting
  • Interior décor

At the end of these steps, you would have successfully increased the property’s value, and it is ready to be moved into or sold.

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