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How to Restore Sash Windows Step by Step Guide?

How to Restore Sash Windows Step By Step Guide?

Are you looking for ideas to restore sash windows? You are on the right page; we will guide you with detailed information to restore your sash window. So stay here to know about the restoration of the sash window in easy steps.

image - How to Restore Sash Windows Step by Step Guide
How to Restore Sash Windows Step by Step Guide

Which Is Better, Restoration or Replacement with A New One?

Sash windows are made of high-quality old wood material that is now hard to find and, if found, will be so costly. So it is better to restore the old sash window wood materials instead of replacing them with a new one.

Step By Step Guide for Sash Window Restoration

Here is a simple step-by-step guide for sash window restoration. Learn them and restore your old sash window with these easy steps.

Step One

Start your job by taking the sash out; for that purpose, unscrew the stops, then pull out its lower sash. Take it off the cords from both sides and then knot them to keep them protective from pulling into weight pockets.

After that, remove the parting beads that hold the upper sash and first pull out the upper sash and take off its chains. In the last, remove the sash parts and store them in a bag.

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Step Two

The second step of sash window restoration is to free the glass. Take old and hard putty, glaze it with a heat gun at medium heat and fit it with the nozzle shield. After that, scrape the putty away using a putty knife; you can also use any other sharp knife.

You will see the metal glazier’s points pry these points out of the wood to remove the glass. Place the glass safely and label all the removed parts for ease while assembling back after restoration.

Step Three

In the third step, clean the joints and apply epoxy. Take a rotary tool such as Dremel and grind away the damaged wood where you see the sash joints are open or loose.

Once you have done this job the apply epoxy, brush the epoxy primer, and allow it for 20 minutes; after that, by using a plastic scraper, mix the two parts of epoxy filler in the points with consistency. Remove excessive epoxy with a knife for clear working.

Step Four

Now you will need to prime the sash and bed the glass. For that step, you will need to wait for 24 hours to become epoxy firm. Mix the hand-sand with 100 grit paper and remove all the dust around it with a tack cloth. Next, seal the wood with an oil-based primer coat.

For the glass bedding, lay the sash exterior side up and roll the glazing material into a long rope between hands keep it pressed into a groove or rabbet. Now push it gently into the compound until you see it bedded about 1/16 inches from the rabbet bottom.

Step Five

Once you have correctly done this job, next insert the points. Take a putty knife and slide each new glazier’s point on the sash glass by pushing the points first to fix them into the wood sash.

When doing this task, ensure the plantation of at least two points that should be evenly spaced from each side of the pane. If there are larger panes, then you can space between the points but avoid exceeding 12 inches.

Step Six

In that step of sash window restoration, press another rope of glazing compound around the pane edge and make a smooth bevel between sash and glass by pulling the putty knife over the glazier. Repeat the same tooling process on the following panes; now, leave it for at least one week.

After one week, coat the putty with primer, but ensure to use an oil-based primer. Next, apply a top coat of acrylic latex paint to the sash and putty.

Step Seven

Now rehang the windows check the window if some parts such as weather-stripping are older, it is better to replace them. But if parts are okay, clean and reattach the hardware and lubricate the axles of the pulley with silicone.  Re-install all parts as you have removed; once done, you have to restore the sash window.

Final Thoughts

Sash windows are simple to restore; if you need to restore your sash window, it is better to do that job yourself instead of spending money on professional services. You can quickly restore the sash window by following our simple step-by-step guidelines.

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