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How Student Dorms Differ Worldwide

Most people in the US and progressive European countries have high standards of what a dorm should look like. Typically, students can count on spacious rooms for two or three people. Single-person rooms are rare and in great demand.

But not all people know how students from other countries live. For many, this will be a surprise or even a shock. This is how student dorms differ worldwide.

image - How Student Dorms Differ Worldwide
How Student Dorms Differ Worldwide


Dorms in Bolivia are more like a garage than living quarters. Typically, the rooms are designed for 3-4 people. The total area is small enough so students have to sleep in bunk beds.

The furniture is a quite primitive and terrible state that those who live in the dorm have to update at their own expense.

If you are visiting local students, you will not have to take off your shoes as the floors are made of concrete and are very cold.

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Kenya does not boast significant funding for the education system. Therefore, living conditions for students here are even worse than in Bolivia. At least three people live in each room.

Walls are usually painted blue or whitewashed. Most of the furniture is made of wood. If you find yourself in such a dorm, then you will get the impression that you were transported 70 years ago. Overall, this is not the best place to live.


Dorms in Moldova are significantly better than in previous countries. As a rule, one-room provides space for 2-4 people. There is ample space for desks and computers.

Local students can keep pets or grow flowers. The interior of each dorm is rather modest but quite comfortable for permanent residence.

Most of the furniture is made of laminated chipboard. Overall, it is much better than in many other countries.


Russia is a country of contrasts. There are quite a few dorms here that are radically different from each other. If you decide to study in Moscow or St.

Petersburg, you can find beautiful rooms for several people with air conditioning, household appliances, and modern furniture. But provincial dorms lack such options.

As a rule, these are small rooms for 3-4 people. Most of the beds are bunk and made of iron. It is not uncommon for you to see a large number of carpets on the floor and walls.

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Many European students choose the Netherlands to study. This is largely due to the local teaching system. But dorms matter too. Typically, student rooms are designed for 2-3 people.

The modern layout and furnishings allow students to live and study comfortably. Local dorms are reminiscent of mid-budget hotels. Some buildings even have panoramic windows.


You probably know about Thailand as the capital of tourism. Warm beaches and comfortable hotels are all that a tourist needs. But local students are deprived of such privileges.

Most dorms have rooms for 4-6 people with iron bunk beds and old mattresses. However, most of the rooms have very low ceilings.

Most of the furniture is made from a chipboard. You would be very surprised at such a living condition if you visited Thailand as a tourist.

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Italian dorms are very similar to the American ones. One room has two or three sleeping places. The interior is minimalistic, but the desks, beds, and wardrobes are very comfortable.

Most of the rooms have white walls and light parquet floors. The walls are usually painted in pastel colors. At the same time, students can bring additional furniture or appliances at will.

You can live and study comfortably in such dorms.


China is a huge country with hundreds of millions of students. This directly affects how local dorms look. As a rule, students have to live in small rooms for 4-5 people.

The interior is ascetic in most cases. The fundamentals are the same: a bed, a desk, posters, and clutter. Most of the walls are painted white, and the furniture is made of chipboard.


Students in India are essentially World War II soldiers. This analogy is justified because local dorms are like long barracks with metal beds and personal lockers.

There is no privacy or the opportunity to be alone. As a rule, students have to live in small rooms for 4-8 people.

Most of the floors are concrete, so it is uncomfortable to walk on them barefoot in the cold season. This is radically different from what is available to students in the US or Europe.

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