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How to Style Bedroom Pillows

Adding pillows to your bedroom can be one of the easiest ways out there to inject some color, comfort, and depth into your room with minimal effort and low cost.

But how do you style these pillows? Go for a mix of sizes and materials, and choose colors and patterns that compliment your bedroom and its existing color theme.

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How to Style Bedroom Pillows

If you want to take things to the next level, why not get a range of cushion covers that you can alternate with your bedding, the season, or even just your mood! Read through our guide for more ways on how to style bedroom pillows.

Mix Up the Sizes

The size of the pillows that you choose for your bedroom is essential. Try to pick a variety of sizes if you are styling pillows on a bed, but make sure you don’t pick any that are too big or too small.

A pillow shouldn’t be so big that it drowns out your whole bed, chair, or sofa, or so small that it looks like an afterthought. Make a Google search for ‘furniture stores near me’ to find a variety of pillows that will fit your space just right.

When you’re going to style your bedroom pillows, make use of a variety of different styles to draw the eye to the center of any piece of furniture, and make use of lumbar pillows as accents too.

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Materials and Textures

A great way to bring a further element of depth to your bedroom style is by introducing a variety of textures and materials to your pillow collection.

Pick one or two coordinated high-impact styles, and then make the rest of your cushions complimentary, made to bring out the feature cushion. Mix and match your pillows to get the best results that you can.

Statement Pillows

If you’re looking for a way to bring a touch of your personality into your bedroom and you don’t want to clutter your walls, statement pillows may be the way to achieve this.

Cushions can come in all sorts of different colors, patterns, and designs that can brighten up any space and really add a touch of personality to your room.

Color Themes

Style your bedroom pillows to match your space. If you have a neutral color palette in your bedroom and you’re looking to add a splash of color without being too overpowering, bedroom pillows can be a great way to do this.

Alternatively, if you want to keep up the neutral color palette but don’t want to stick with plain pillows, consider monochrome patterns like stripes or even a monochrome marble effect to add a touch of class and sophistication to your interior.

Seasonal Pillow Covers

One of the best things about decorating a home is the ability to change things up whenever you feel like it. Most pillows have removable pillow covers which allow you to own different cushion covers for different things.

Consider having a set of cushion covers to match different bedding sets, and you could even choose seasonal variations such as Christmassy cushions or summer patterns to bring a fresh and floral touch to your space.