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How to Choose a Fish Tank to Be Placed Inside Your Home

Getting a fish tank for your home aquarium is a good way of bringing aquatic nature near you. Before purchasing a fish tank, you need to decide the location and size of the tank, the preferred type of fish, and the allotted budget.

As there are a wide variety of fish tanks available in the market, so the task of choosing a fish tank for your home aquarium can be challenging.

There’s no single aquarium that is the best, you need to weigh the pros and cons to decide which aquarium will suit you.

image - How to Choose a Fish Tank to Be Placed Inside Your Home
How to Choose a Fish Tank to Be Placed Inside Your Home

After getting the fish tank, learn how to set up an aquarium in your house and enjoy the fish in action.

Here are some key factors you should consider while buying a fish tank for your home.

  1. Location

Before you buy a fish tank, you need to know where it will be placed. How do you select the best spot?

Set the aquarium in a spot where you spend most of your time at home. You’ll enjoy watching the fish and you can also identify if anything goes wrong, easily.

Aquariums rarely have any maintenance issues, but it doesn’t mean it’s inevitable.

Make your fish is comfortable too. The tank’s location should be in a less crowded area, and it’s better if it can be placed where it has access to sunlight. Avoid too much direct sunlight.

Keep in mind to place the tank in a spot where it will not be moved regularly.

  1. Size and Species of Fish

Your fish size and species need to be considered too. Figure out the types of fish you prefer, between saltwater and freshwater fish.

After determining what fish species, you want, then you can find out the tanks which are best suited for the fish.

This is a no brainer. If you’re planning on keeping small fish, go for small tanks and large tanks for larger fish.

Keep in mind that fish grow too! For smaller tanks, you’ll either be forced to part ways with your fish or upgrade to a larger tank.

Take a larger tank if you want to see your fish grow and avoid upgrading costs later.

Some fish are territorial, you might want to do some research on fish to determine the best choice to go for

Do you like betta fish? Get yourself the Best-Betta Fish Tank, as it’s high-quality and best-suited tanks for your betta fish.

  1. Size of the Tank

Fish tanks differ in size; there are small tanks from 1 gallon to big tanks that can hold hundreds of gallons. Size depends on your budget if your budget allows going for the larger tanks. The location and placement of the tank also affect the size of the tank; the larger the space, the larger the aquarium.

Large tanks are recommended for most people. They make the living condition of the fish more comfortable. The fish need to be fed and they will produce waste.

The waste and food remain will soon be harmful to the fish as they can produce chemicals toxic to the fish.

This is the reason for changing water. If you have a large aquarium, you need to change the water regularly as water in big tanks doesn’t get contaminated as fast as small ones.

  1. Type of Tank

Should you go for glass or acrylic? Both are good options with their pros and cons. Glass tanks are recommended because they not only easy to find and cheaper, but they offer more resistance to scratching than acrylic tanks.

Acrylic tanks are good for larger tanks that won’t fit in your house.

The acrylic tank is lighter, but it’s more vulnerable to scratches. It’s also hard to restore them back to their previous conditions after scratches

For a house aquarium, stick to a glass tank.

  1. Consider the Tank Weight

Can your stands withstand the weight if you plan to go for a bigger tank? Both glass and acrylic tanks are heavy when full. Support your aquarium tanks with strong and durable stands.

There are different stands for different tank shapes. Be sure to go with stands that are suited for your type of tank.

Metal stands are more durable than wooden stands, and they are the best when dealing with large aquarium tanks. Note that wooden stands aren’t suitable for saltwater aquariums.


Watch out for the size of the tank opening, choose tanks that offer a large surface area and are easier to maintain. Take your time when choosing your aquarium tank, so you don’t rush in taking a tank that will disappoint you later.

Enlighten yourself on how to clean your fish tank, to keep your fish happy and healthy.

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