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How to Decorate Your Small Cosy Balcony Without Overdoing It

Decorate Your Small Cosy Balcony — Balconies have always been a special part of every home. Howsoever small it may be, it holds a special place in our hearts. Every balcony has a story behind it, I am sure! You must have spent hours sitting there reading your favourite book, or just sipping a cup of coffee, enjoying the cool breeze and contemplating life!

You must have spent several hours walking on your balcony and talking to your friends or your loved ones. When the winters come, the balcony is the place to enjoy the mild sun rays while sipping your hot coffee or a cup of tea!

How to Decorate Your Small Cosy Balcony Without Overdoing It
How to Decorate Your Small Cosy Balcony Without Overdoing It

Like the entire household, the balcony also needs attention and care. In fact, being such a place that is so important and close to our hearts, balconies need extra love. If you are one of those who likes to give your house or room a makeover on your own, then why leave the balcony behind! The internet is flooded with ideas that will let you use your creativity in the best possible way! Big or small, whatever kind of a balcony you have, you can give it a ravishing makeover.

How to Decorate Your Small Cosy Balcony Without Overdoing It

Let us concentrate on the smaller, cosier balconies. With just a few arrangements, and the touch of your magical, creative hand, you will transform your balcony into a more beautiful place. We bet you’ll love it even more! Before beginning with the makeover, you must make a proper action plan before you set out on the mission of renovating your favourite corner in the house.

You will have plenty of ideas in the mind when you will sit down to make a rough draft of how you want you little balcony to look after the renovation is done. But the first and foremost thing you need to do is decide upon a theme according to which you would want to decorate your balcony. Have a rough layout of what you have in your mind and start to plan ahead accordingly. After the basic layout is ready, you may begin with deciding upon the flooring of the balcony.

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Whether you want a garden type flooring or a normal tiles flooring, choose wisely! Your flooring will set the primary tone of the decor of your balcony. After you are done with choosing the ideal flooring, it is time you to decide the furniture. Well, since space is already a restriction, you must be vigilant while choosing the furniture. You will be able to fit in a chair or two or maybe a small table, if at all any space is left! You definitely need the smartest furniture designs that not only occupy minimal space but also look vibrant and decorative. Use pretty decorations and stick them using Velcro tapes. You may order them from MPD hook and loop.

Last but not the least, the other accessories that you will need to decorate the balcony, the plants, the vases, the lightings or any other article that you would want to use for the decorations of your balcony.

You must remember, that the balcony does not have to be just decorative and beautiful, it must also be comfortable. There are a few other things that you must keep in mind while you embark upon the makeover of the balcony. You can make it multi-purpose, make it look astonishing and still have the same fun in your favourite place.

Putting Up a Herb Garden

If you have a flat of your own in a high rise apartment, the one major drawback is that you will not have a big balcony or a garden area for you to enjoy your evenings in. There are flats which have huge, big enough balconies which you may employ in putting up a nicely decorated herb garden in the balcony if you are a lover of organic food and organic farming.

Along with putting a herb garden in the balcony, you can still decorate the balcony according to your whims and fancies. You can decorate it with beautiful plants and vases which are in sync with the theme of your balcony decor. So your balcony will not just give good, healthy produce but also look amazingly beautiful.

Comfortable Seating in the Balcony

Comfort is the key factor of any renovation. When you are intending the renovation of your balcony and are interested in changing it into something more beautiful, then do remember that you have to keep it as comfortable as ever. If your balcony is not a large one, then you have to be extra cautious about the furniture of the balcony. You must make sure that the furniture takes less place, maybe foldable furniture is a good choice for your little balcony. You may also choose to have furniture that has racks which can make it more convenient for you to keep other accessories.

Using Lights for Decoration

When you put up accessories in your balcony, be it pretty pots in the plants or vibrant furniture or the beautiful flowers in your balcony, they all look mesmerising during the day. But what about the night! How ill the beauty sustain! The solution is to put off fancy lights in the balcony. The shimmery, elegant lights in the balcony will make sure that your balcony looks as beautiful as ever irrespective of the time of the day and night.

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