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How to Design the Perfect Outdoor Space

There’s nothing that brings us all together quite like entertaining family and friends in the backyard. For the majority of homeowners, creating your outdoor entertainment area can be a bit challenging.

This is because it not only has to live to its entertainment purpose but also stands against our sometimes harsh weather conditions.

image - How to Design the Perfect Outdoor Space
How to Design the Perfect Outdoor Space

If you are not sure about how to approach designing your outdoor entertainment space, here are a couple of landscaping ideas for you to bring out the full entertainment potential of your home.

Create and Optimize a Plan for Your Layout

Perhaps the first thing you need to do it is to create a clear picture of how your outdoor entertainment space will look. Try and figure out what you want or don’t want to incorporate in your space. Start by drawing out the shape of the area.

Take appropriate measurements, then map out the different zones you want to put up, such as the kitchen, dining, recreation, and even swimming pool areas.

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The Outdoor Kitchen

If you ask most people, the kitchen is the most essential room in the house. The same applies to the outdoor entertainment area.

Having an outdoor kitchen, outdoor barbeque bench, or even an island bench will bring all those fun neighbourhood parties and alfresco dinners to the comfort of your home’s compound.

Therefore, feel free to install all those fancy stainless-steel facilities and move the cooking outdoors, where you are close to your guests. Additionally, you can include a bar fridge and to further enhance the outdoor area’s appeal.

When making your outdoor kitchen, it is important that you incorporate enough ventilation to keep everything, including the house, smoke-free.

Seating Arrangements

It is a no-brainer that sitting and kicking back is the foundation for a fun and comfortable outdoor function. That said, your seats need to be adequate in number and also put together in a way that encourages socialization.

You could have some of these chairs sporadically-located so that your guests can feel free to stretch their legs and spread out.

For a relaxed outdoor space, patio and garden furniture are a good option. If you have outdoor wicker chairs, set them up in areas with substantial shade since they don’t do so well with extreme weather conditions.

Other furniture like plastic tables and wrought iron chairs can weather different atmospheric conditions, so you can place them literally anywhere.

Whatever you choose, and however you choose to arrange it, make sure you use outdoor furniture and lounges, like these from Remarkable Furniture.

Lighting and Its Importance

Lighting is one of the most crucial factors in entertainment. After all, how will you enjoy yourself if you can’t see anything? The answer is you can’t.

Therefore, in addition to your basic ceiling light, spruce up your environment with a few well-coloured lamps and luminaires to give your gathering that festive mood.

You can also install outdoor electrical outlets so your guests can charge their devices, or allow you to plug some extra lamps during night-time events.

If you have a patio-esque yard or garden area, you can use solar lights, which don’t use electricity. Cetnaj also suggests integrating your garden lighting with your entertainment lighting by using things like lanterns and rope lights on trees.

Also, consider using deck lights to illuminate any steps or flights of stairs.

Flooring Your Space

The type of flooring you will use is yet another query you will need to think about. There are different types of material you can use for this. In this case, you’ll want something decorative yet unique.

Also, since there’ll likely be a lot of foot traffic, look for something that is easy and less costly to maintain.

If we are to give you our two cents, try to avoid concrete because it is just basic. Natural glass is also pretty difficult to maintain. You see, much as it brings out that natural look, grass has this annoying tendency of tracking mud and dirt all over the floor.

In this case, lean towards timber or decking. Besides having that wholesome appeal that is characteristic of natural woods, decking also has a lot of materials that can work with your outdoor space.

Composite decking is notably known for being beautiful while still low-maintenance.

Dining in the Shade

While enjoying the sun can be nice, on hot days, it can get a little excessive. Sunburns can be painful, ugly, or both.

Because of this, you will need to protect your loved ones from harmful UV rays with a well-covered outdoor space. The shade will also keep you dry in case the weather turns stormy.

Having a pergola is also good for this. It will improve the general outlook of your house while bringing everyone together under the cool shade.

If you have the patience, you could also plant shady trees at strategic points like along your fence and mix things up with small trees, small plants, and large shrubs.

Not only does this vibrant outdoor flora add to the shade, but it also creates a natural flow of positive energies.

Having put into mind all these considerations, you can now plan on creating the perfect outdoor entertainment space.

These guidelines are not to be limited to just a casual environment but can also boss up your ambience even for more formal applications.

Lastly, to keep your peace of mind in check, it is important that you also acquire all the necessary permits and pass all the safety inspections as per your local council’s laws.