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Sizzlin’ Summer: How to Keep a House Cool in Summer

Even though roughly 90% of Americans have air conditioning in their homes, it can still be difficult to keep your home cool during blazing hot summers.

The reality is that cooling a home is very difficult, even with a great AC system and a properly insulated home.

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How to Keep a House Cool in Summer

So, is there any solution to beating the heat? If you want to know how to keep a house cool in summer, then you came to the right place. Let’s get started in some of the secrets.

How to Keep a House Cool in Summer in Five Easy Steps

If you’re spending your day outside, then water and shade are your best bet for cooling off on a hot day.

But what if your home itself has turned into a hotbox? Follows these five rules and you’ll be comfortable all summer long.

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Block out the Sunlight

Sunlight brings in heat, so reducing or reflecting the amount that enters your room can significantly cool it down.

Draw the curtains and blinds to absorb some of the lights. Or, use reflective window panels to reflect the heat on to the street.

Avoid the Kitchen Stove and Oven If You Can

While hot kitchens are great during cold winters, they can be miserable in the summer. They also raise the internal temperature of your entire house.

If you can, try ordering food on hot days, or cooking outside. This precaution will keep the rest of your house cool.

Turn off the Lights When Not in Use

Did you know that the lights in your room give off heat? This is why incandescent light bulbs that have been on all day are burning hot to the touch.

Consider turning the lights off during the day if you want to cool down your home. Or, if you still need the light, then switch over to fluorescent light bulbs.

These products produce 50% less heat than incandescent bulbs.

Make Sure Your Air Conditioning Works Properly

The secret to a cool home is a properly working AC system. Unfortunately, many people may be unknowingly using an inefficient product in need of repairs.

A broken air conditioning system not only doesn’t cool your house properly, but it also costs you a lot of wasted money in energy bills.

If you suspect that your AC isn’t running properly, then make sure you contact an air conditioner repair company to take a look right away.

Create Cross Ventilation With Your Windows

Does your room not have any fans? Create some natural air circulation by opening two windows on separate sides of your home.

This precaution will help ventilate some of the stuffy indoor air while also providing a cooling breeze.

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