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7 Advantages of Cleaning Your Solar Panel Regularly

Solar panels assist homeowners to save on utility bills and make use of environmentally friendly options. Solar panels collect and convert sun rays into electrical energy. Additionally, energy conversion is directly proportional to light exposure, and thus you must clean your panels regularly.

Most solar energy experts prefer once or twice-annual cleaning of the panels to increase energy output up to 5%.

image - 7 Advantages of Cleaning Your Solar Panel Regularly
7 Advantages of Cleaning Your Solar Panel Regularly

The frequency cleaning relies on the climate of your area. For instance, solar panel owners in regions with rainfall might need to clean their panels once annually while those in arid regions might clean twice or thrice a year.

You should get a maintenance routine that will assist in avoiding energy inefficiencies. Here are seven benefits derived from cleaning your solar panel regularly.

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Improved Efficiency

Most panels are installed on house roofs that expose the equipment to trees, debris, and dirt buildup on the panels resulting in almost 30% energy loss.

Cleaning solar panels are similar to cleaning typical windows, and research indicates that frequent cleaning boosts its overall efficiency. Regular washing removes the dirt on the solar panels that diminish the maximum collection of sunlight.

Data collected from these studies indicates a percentage increase in the performance of the panels for residential and commercial installations. Furthermore, professional cleaning can result in the doubling of electric output with up to 12% higher electric generation than those cleaned by rain.

For maximum exploitation of the sun-rays, properly cleaned solar panels will expose the power cells to the clear sun view to achieve high-energy output and efficiency.


Regular cleaning of the panels is one of the critical requirements of a solar equipment warranty. Most companies offer a guarantee that homeowners installing solar panels must follow the terms such as regular cleaning so that defective equipment is replaced.

You must prove regularly clean the panels for manufacturers to honor the warranty in case of a malfunction.

Rainwater is Ineffective

Most homeowners with solar panels fail to clean the solar panels because they live in areas where it often rains and assumes rainwater will remove the dirt. Rainwater holds debris in the panel and leaves accumulated grime once the water evaporates. The layer left behind forms a layer that blocks sunlight penetration to the solar panel cells.

Solar panels are installed in the perfect angle for droppings to land on, this challenges the cleaning of solar panels once they dry. Rainwater falls in washing away bird droppings because they need scrubbing with a soapy douche.

Bird droppings are thick and difficult to remove, if not thoroughly cleaned, will reduce the access of light to the power cells. Therefore, you should not rely on rainwater to clean your panels because it fails to remove most interfering debris.

Boost Panel Durability

Solar panels face wear and tear from sand, debris, and dust particles present in the environment. Dust particles and debris can cause chipping or scratches or crack on the panel that eventually decreases its efficiency.

Therefore, without regular cleaning, the buildup of the particles will aid in degrading the panel. Regular cleaning improves the life of your solar energy equipment and instills durability.

Inspection of the Panel

Regular cleaning allows for the inspection of the solar panels. Additionally, it permits the evaluation of the condition of the solar equipment. Frequent inspections assist in detecting delicate spots that need care and prevent electrocution due to damaged panels.

Electrocution might result from water accessing panel circuits through damaged areas.

Improve ROI Time

Solar panels are expensive to purchase and hence perceived as an investment. Therefore, to get the ROI (return on investment) quickly requires that you clean the panels frequently as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Frequent cleaning of the solar panel enhances its efficiency since more sunlight reaches the solar cells and thus improving the ROI. Furthermore, proper cleaning lowers energy costs in a custom system connected to the national power grids.

Aesthetic Appeal

Most homeowners do not want dirty and aged-looking solar equipment adorning their roofs. The solar panels should undergo regular cleaning, similar to the rest of the house. Therefore, it is imperative that you clean and takes care of the solar panels regularly.

Furthermore, proper maintenance will make your home or building appear more aesthetically appealing to you and your guests.

If you are a solar panel owner and desire to get cleaning services for commercial and residential buildings, contact window cleaning services Melbourne now to increase the durability, efficiency, and ROI of your panel.

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