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Commercial Solar Panel – What You Need to Know?

Commercial solar panels are a set of different photovoltaic solar panels that transform into electricity.

The photovoltaic solar panels include solar cells that are manufactured from silicon using a positive as well as a negative layer, creating an electric field.

image - Commercial Solar Panel - What You Need to Know
Commercial Solar Panel – What You Need to Know

A solar panel is made up of multiple cells and wired together with multiple modules or panels in order to create a solar array. Moreover, commercial solar panels encompass a large number of solar arrays in order to produce electricity.

Commercial solar panels are excellent sources of renewable and clean energy that comes with minimal maintenance and no carbon emissions.

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How Does Commercial Solar Panel Work?

Commercial solar panels work to collect clean renewable energy from the sunlight and transform it into electricity, which is leveraged to provide power to the electrical loads.

Additionally, they come with multiple solar cells that are made of silicone layers, borons, and phosphorus. These layers are arranged in a pattern that resembles a  grid.

And, the power generated by the solar cells if transferred to an investment, which then converts the DC power stored in the solar panels into AC power.

The whole process is similar to the time when energy is transmitted through a utility grid.

Commercial inverters come between the range of 2.5 kW and 250 kW power levels are created to cater to the high electricity demand of commercial applications. The use of commercial solar power in Brisbane

What are the Advantages of Commercial Solar Panels?

Investing in a commercial solar panel comes with various benefits. And below we are discussing some of the prominent reasons why businesses should invest in commercial solar panels –

1. High Return on Investment

One of the main reasons for companies to install solar panels is the financial benefits associated with them. Companies tend to experience high energy consumption.

When you consider switching to solar power in your commercial building, it is more like an investment instead of being an expense.

In fact, the return on investment you obtain from solar power generally surpassed the majority of investments you make in your business.

2. Reduced Energy Bills and Operational Costs

Once the commercial solar panels have paid off, they will significantly reduce your operating expenses, which you can clearly see in your balance sheet.

Companies will realize that the cost that they have incurred while installing their solar panels are paying for itself over the course of time.

While predicting operating costs can be challenging considering the ambiguity of the future, you can clearly see the changes in your electricity bills.

With a commercial solar panel system, you don’t have to worry about drastically fluctuating electricity bills. The reduced energy bill will make it easier for you to analyze the budget.

3. Increased Value of your Property

An energy-efficient building holds higher property value as opposed to the one which is not self-sustaining. This will make the whole selling process easier and profitable for business owners.

Solar panel systems gain significant traction across the globe, including commercial solar panels that will make your building more attractive to property buyers.

4. Acquire Government Subsidy

Companies that install solar panel systems receive government subsidies known as the Feed-in Tariff (FiT).

The percentage of this tariff varies from country to country. This makes the commercial solar panel system an efficient source of income for the companies.

Additionally, unused energy can be transferred back to the grid, thereby allowing you to get paid accordingly. This is referred to as export tariff, which varies from country to country.

5. They are Affordable

There has been a significant decline in the overall cost of solar panel installation. In fact, over the last decade, the installation cost has reduced to over 70%.

The state tax credits, federal solar investment tax credits, and cash rebates have together reduced the installation costs. When you install commercial solar panels, you benefit from the solar investment tax credit.

6. Good for the Brand Image

A solar panel system can help you to exhibit your business as someone who is committed to clean energy.

This is an excellent way to send of positive message to your customers with regards to your commitment to the environment and sustainability.

So when your customers, investors, and shareholders get to know that you are a green brand, you will be making a positive impression.

7. High Durability

Commercial solar panels are noiseless and come with minimum maintenance. Moreover, the architecture of commercial buildings makes them highly accessible.

The cells are covered in tempered glasses and protected by a non-corrosive aluminum frame. They built to withstand wind, rain, hail, and snow.

Commercial solar panels are a great addition to your business and the above reasons clearly state why.

Along with reducing the carbon footprint, you will also tout your brand as more responsible; which can help you to attract customers, investors, shareholders, etc.

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