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6 Checklist Items for a Roof Tune-Up This Spring

The spring season comes with flowers and showers. This is a wonderful moment to accomplish some of the projects lagging from winter.

A tune-up of your roof is ideal in spring but it requires knowing the items to include on your checklist. Roof repair and replacement are cheaper and easier in spring before the hotter summer comes.

Reputable roofers offer services throughout the year but inspecting and repairing your roof in spring mitigates any winter damage.

image - 6 Checklist Items for a Roof Tune-Up This Spring
6 Checklist Items for a Roof Tune-Up This Spring

Animal Lodging

The presence of critters on your roof is visible with corroded facia boards, loose siding or flashing, and dormant chimneys. These seek shelter here when the weather begins to warm up in spring.

Noticing the abnormal presence of creatures around your home is a sign that it is a nesting place. Also, look out for signs of odd noises on your premises.

Contact a professional exterminator to chase these creatures. Afterward, call a professional roofer for an inspection to detect signs of damage.

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Roof Aesthetics

The appearance of your roof has a significant impact on the curb appeal of your home. Spring is the best moment to change or upgrade the color and style of your shingles.

There is great potential to explore various installation options. Perhaps it is time to consider composite or asphalt shingles to enhance your home resale value.

It takes a professional roofing team about half a day to install asphalt shingles. The cost of the project varies according to roof size and style.

Deteriorating Chimney

Older homes need regular chimney inspection for signs of snow and ice resting on top. These might encourage cracks in the crown.

When the weather begins to get hot in spring, snow melts making water run into the cracks.

When the temperature drops at night, expansion pushes mortar and bricks apart. Failure to detect this might encourage roof leaks or make the chimney fall off the house.

The best roof repair in Los Angeles for a spring tune-up should include chimney inspection to detect possible deterioration.


The presence of leaks or water damage should not miss on your spring tune-up. In winter, snow and ice might stay on your roof to melt when the weather begins to heat up.

This encourages the development of leaks on your roof. You can tell your roof has leaked from stains on walls.

The next thing to do is to call a professional Los Angeles roof to come and fix the leaks. This will keep your roof leak proof throughout the forthcoming seasons.

Tree Branches

Nearby trees don’t have to touch your roof. These come with a risk of scraping over the shingles and loosening granules.

This potentially lessens the durability of your roof. Damage to the roof outer layer increases the risk of water accumulation and leaks.

Ensure to call a professional roofer to ensure that tree branches don’t pose any danger to the integrity of your roof. Attempting to do this yourself has a risk of cutting the branches only to fall on your roof.


Trimming tree branches remove shading on your roof. This limits the growth of mold by allowing sunlight to reach the roof and dry up moisture.

The presence of mold on your roof encourages the development of holes leading to leaks. Mold thrives faster in shaded areas on the roof with a cool and wet environment.

A roof inspection is essential to detect mold and trim nearby tree branches that might encourage shading.

Leaves in the Gutter

Winter rain makes your gutter prone to damage. This results from leaving fallen leaves and debris to clog the gutters. Ensure to check the water flow in the gutter before spring rain comes.

Call a professional plumber to fix loose nails that might inhibit the gutter from staying tight on the roofline. Most of the leaks in a house result from clogged gutters.

Water seeping through makes your home prone to significant damage.

This comes with significant repair costs including replacing the ceiling and structural damage to the foundation. Routine inspection of the gutters is necessary to protect your home from damage and resultant costs.

Why Call a Professional Roofer for a Spring Tune-up

Your home is where you come to at the end of the day to rest and catch some sleep.

The home needs a roof in good condition for effective protection from weather elements, protection of your assets and family.

Spring is a wonderful moment to tune up your roof after the harsh winter conditions.

The roofer will inspect your roof to detect issues and fix them before they escalate to become costly or cause significant damage.

Wrapping Up

Spring cleaning your roof is very important but it requires knowing where to begin. You have to understand what to include on your tune-up checklist to ensure that you make the most out of your project.

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