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6 Powerful Benefits of Using a Portable Solar Generator

Do power outages frequent in your area?

Power outages are a common problem in several states in the country like Tennessee and Louisiana. It’s even worse in California, where more power outages occur than in the rest of the United States.

Fortunately, people in these areas adapted to this and have prepared different contingencies in case an outage comes along: solar energy.

image - 6 Powerful Benefits of Using a Portable Solar Generator
6 Powerful Benefits of Using a Portable Solar Generator

Solar panels are the best solutions for power outages. The problem with solar panels is that you need more than one to make the system efficient. This often results in an initial cost some may find too expensive.

This is why most homeowners buy a portable solar generator instead. These work as well as solar panels with the added benefit of being easy to relocate. The benefits don’t stop there though, read on to learn more advantages of using the portable alternatives to solar panels.

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1. Cost-Efficiency

A great reason why you should opt for a portable solar generator is that they’re cheaper than standard generators. Their smaller design allows for manufacturers to use fewer parts, resulting in lower initial costs.

Even if you don’t experience many power outages in your area, it’s often in your best interest to invest in a portable generator. Using them will help you cut back costs on electrical consumption in any case. Having them handy allows you to plan on how you’ll use them.

For example, you can decide to make exclusive use of the generator at least once a week. Doing this ensures your investment pays for itself in the long run.

2. Long-Term Low-Maintenance Investment

There are notable increases in the costs of electricity throughout the years. Having a portable generator like the ones from Powered Portable Solar at the ready allows you to make more out of your investment as time passes by. Saving up free solar power and using it often helps you avoid high electrical costs.

You can keep doing this for years to come as portable generators have a good life expectancy. You can expect your portable generator to last at least 25 years and 35 years at most. As long as you use your generator, you can save up to thousands of dollars of electricity.

There’s also no need to worry about these generators or any of their parts breaking down. There are next to no moving parts. This means you don’t need to look out for any parts which can malfunction from frequent use.

Also, no liquid passes through the panels or the generator itself. This removes any chance of corrosion or rusting in your generator. All you need to do is make the generator itself stays dry.

3. A Portable Solar Generator Is a Friend to the Environment

An underrated perk of portable generators is their ability to create clean, green energy. Unlike generators that rely on fossil fuels and other fuel sources, solar generators do not produce or leave any waste products while generating power.

They also don’t emit any harmful gases like carbon dioxide. This makes them 100% pollution-free and great friends to the environment. By using solar generators instead, you’re helping by starting a trend in your local area.

4. Silent and Problem-Free Operation

A common complaint among traditional generators is that they run too loud. This is a result of the numerous moving parts the large generator has. Not to mention the fuel it processes to become energy.

With a portable solar-powered generator though, you will hear next to no noise. This is because of the absence of moving parts and liquid fuel to process. This allows you to run your generator in silence, not having to fear about disturbing anyone.

Operating the generator will also prove easy. This will be the case for you even if this is your first time handling a portable generator. Portable generators have an easy-to-understand design.

You won’t have any problem identifying the functions of each part of the generator. You will also find it easy to set up your solar generator for home use. The installation will also be a breeze with the few components you have worked with.

5. Power Where You Need Power

The main perk of having a portable generator is the convenience it provides you. This provides versatility on what you can power with your generator.

Most portable generators only weigh around 45 pounds at most. This is light enough to carry around at the back of your car without causing problems. If this is still too heavy for your liking, some models are as light as 16 pounds.

Regardless of which model you choose though, your device will be able to power anything. A small enough generator can provide power to a lightbulb for 10 hours straight. Heavier generators can power it up to 20 hours without stopping.

Heavy generators can save up enough energy to power an entertainment system for 1 hour. This gives you many possibilities for application. You can go camping and still enjoy a movie on a small television, for example.

6. Unique Custom Add-ons to Suit Your Needs

If you can’t find the right generator for you, then you’ll be happy to know about the available add-ons.

You can buy solar lights and fans to add to your generator to provide a constant source of light and cooling. You won’t have any extra costs since it will draw power from the generator itself.

There are even solar fridges you can buy for your generator. This allows you to unplug your old refrigerator and focus on the free solar energy the solar one uses up. As it’s one of the most power-sapping appliances, you can save a lot of money on electrical costs with this add-on.

Get Yourself a Solar-Powered Generator Today

A portable solar generator will provide you with free energy on a regular. It will also help you in emergencies like power outages and natural disasters. Don’t waste any time and start charging your generator today!

Did you find this list helpful? Check out more helpful guides and lists on our website today! You might discover more amazing tips and tricks to help you save.

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