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How to Make Sure Your Bedroom Is Cleaned Properly

Our bedroom is a calm oasis where we can lie down and relax after a hard day’s work. However, this is not always the case. As soon as we neglect our bedroom for a while it becomes a dirty, cluttered mess. While you might miss out on cleaning the room one or two times, if you neglect it for long enough it might start affecting your mood, your sleep, and overall well-being.

image - How to Make Sure Your Bedroom Is Cleaned Properly
How to Make Sure Your Bedroom Is Cleaned Properly

If you don’t know how to properly clean your bedroom, the experts at Castle Keepers – Charleston have a few tips to make the job easier and help you finally get the quality sleep you deserve.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Bedroom

Cleaning your bedroom can have numerous benefits, such as finally getting rid of old items that may have that vintage odor (you know the one) that are filling your bedroom, which will help you wake up feeling fresh and energized. This will lead to more quality sleep, due to less stress and distractions. Finally, people who change their bedding regularly sleep 19% better than the ones who don’t, according to the National Sleep Foundation.

Get All the Supplies

The most effective way to clean your bedroom is in one go. To prevent having to constantly go and get additional items necessary for bedroom cleaning, we recommend getting them all in one place. Get them all in the bedroom before you start. Some of the supplies you may need include:

  • Coat hangers
  • Boxes to store clutter
  • Trash container
  • Laundry bin
  • Window spray
  • Cloths
  • Multi-Purpose cleaner
  • Broom
  • Vacuum cleaner

Declutter the Room

Clutter is usually the most time-consuming part of bedroom cleaning. However, it’s also the easiest to handle if handled properly. Even if you just sort all the items that make up the clutter, you’ll get a much cleaner bedroom already.

Your days-old clothes do not belong on the chair. Use coat hangers to organize any clothing items and get the dirty ones into the laundry bin.

Make sure to clean out the vanity of any books, sprays, and makeup removal items. If you need them within your reach, keep them in the vanity drawer.

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Clean the Surfaces

When dusting and cleaning the surfaces in the bedroom, follow the golden rule of cleaning which is to do it from the top to the bottom. By working your way from the highest surfaces down to the floor you avoid double work as all the dirt and dust falls down to the lowest levels, where you can easily clean them using a vacuum cleaner.

Make sure to clean all the surfaces such as the corners of the ceiling, walls, wall art and frames, vanities, and other surfaces. Once you’re done dusting, clean the windows and mirrors for a polished final touch.

Do I Need Deep Cleaning?

While you don’t have to deep-clean the room every time you clean, doing so once in a while can ensure you are sleeping in a clean, germ-friendly room. Make sure to clean all the rugs and mats. Make sure to thoroughly vacuum them to get the stubborn particles locked between the fibers.

Move all the furniture to expose any remaining dust and dirt you should clean to ensure your bedroom is completely clean. Use a vacuum and a mop to clean the open areas of your bedroom. Depending on your bed, you’ll want to move it in order to get to any dust or dirt hiding underneath it. If you cannot move your bed, make sure to get to all the reachable areas and clean them completely.