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How to Transform a Living Room?

A living room is a place that each of us wants to decorate so that it brings not only aesthetic pleasure but also is comfortable for our everyday life.

When we want to decorate a room, we usually think that we cannot do anything without professional help and that it is professional designers who can create the room of our dreams.

In fact, it is not necessary to resort to professional help to equip a dream room; you can simply read this article carefully, write out the main points that touch you, and create a successful design project yourself.

In this post, you will find the main tricks that will help you equip your living room just as you wish.

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How to Transform a Living Room?

How to Get it Started?

A large mirror, a bright carpet, or flowers can instantly refresh the interior of a living room.

In our selection of quick design solutions, you will find different ideas of how to upgrade the appearance of a room, while staging software from the spotless agency will help you visualize the new look of the premises.

Organize a Home Bar

And you don’t have to buy a wine cabinet for that. A trolley or any suitable table is enough. Beautiful glasses, a bottle holder, and a matching tray will do the trick.

Play with Different Textures

An easy way to boost the look of your living room interior is to add textural accessories to it. You can use just anything you like, such as:

  • Soft textures knitted pouf, cashmere blanket, velvet pillow covers, faux fur bedding;
  • Natural elements  handmade ceramics, stones, raw wood accessories;
  • Shiny items glass vases, mirrored surfaces, shiny brass.

There may be tons of options, but even a few of these accessories will make your living room look completely different and authentic.

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Use a Massive Mirror

The large mirror serves as a “window.” It can transform the space, make the living room lighter and more spacious. If you hand a mirror next to green plants, you will get even a better effect.

Add Greenery

Several green plants in pots or a “green” composition on the wall will make the living room interior lively and stylish.

It is enough to use simple tips on how to apply greenery in the interior correctly and regularly take care of your plants to ensure that they look healthy and fresh.

Use Curtains

Pay special attention to the curtains when creating the living room interior. They make the room more solemn and emphasize the special purpose of the space.

Depending on the style of the interior and your personal preferences, you can choose both long curtains (to the floor) and shortened options (to the windowsill).

Curtains can be made of different materials. Brocade, velvet, and silk curtains will add a classic mood to the interior.

Lambrequins or tulle with hand embroidery will introduce chic and solemnity.

Place an Aquarium

The use of an aquarium with fish as unusual and bright interior detail. This small detail will give positive emotions, attract the attention of guests, and make the living-room area a recreation spot. Moving fish and the splash of water is soothing and relaxing.

It is All Important

The living room can rightly be called the main room of the apartment. It is in the living room that we spend most of the time.

As a rule, the arrangement of an apartment begins with designing a living room. We begin to experiment with the arrangement of furniture and think over the decor.

Regardless of the style chosen, a properly decorated living room should be conducive to rest and relaxation.

Competently selected colors and decoration elements will help to achieve this.

It would seem that there is nothing difficult in decorating a living room. It is enough just to go to a specialized store, look at a few decor elements, and the trick is in the bag.

However, it is not so easy in reality. You are forced to make many decisions and may lack some critical information to make the right choice.

Luckily there are different solutions that allow you to choose the right design solution by simply visualizing all the available options and choosing the best ones.

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