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How to Turn Your Radiators into Design Features

It’s never too hot for stylish radiators, and summer is the perfect time to ditch your tired old heaters for beautiful features that complement your home decor.

Not only will upgrading your heating look far more aesthetically pleasing, but it will also add incredible value to your home.

Plus, if you swap them in the summer, you can be sure you have a smooth-running system before the cold winter hits.

Here are our top tips for turning your radiators into impressive design features.

image - How to Turn Your Radiators into Design Features
How to Turn Your Radiators into Design Features

Play with Colour

Colour injects character and style into any interior scheme, but playing with color doesn’t have to stop at walls and accessories.

As designer radiators become increasingly popular home decor features, the finish options are getting more vibrant and creative.

From pretty pastels to classic metallics, choosing an interesting radiator color is a great way to turn your heating into your favorite design features and complement your entire colour scheme.

Blend in or Stand Out

When selecting a radiator color, another element to consider is whether you want your radiator to blend in or stand out from the backdrop and both options make dramatic design features.

If you want your radiator to stand out and highlight the details of the panels, choose a contrasting wall color to allow the radiator to become the focal feature that catches the eye.

Blend in or Stand Out

But, if you prefer color schemes with a minimal number of tones, color matches your radiator to the wall for a calm, coordinated look.

Dark grey walls and anthracite radiators create a warm, moody feel, whereas white on white provides a clean, refreshing look.

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Create a Symmetrical Statement

Create a striking symmetrical look with two vertical radiators for an eye-catching design feature that makes a real statement.

Whether you install them beside an open plan walkway, window, or piece of furniture, vertical radiators make impressive pairs and enhance the overall interior.

In terms of color and style, vertical radiators are now available in an eclectic range of modern minimal designs and vintage-inspired columns to complement your preferred decor.

Plus, with a choice of slim and chunky designs, these stylish heating duos work beautifully in both large and small spaces with varying heat requirements.

Design your Dream Window Display

If you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful bay window, or you simply want to enhance the look of your window displays, low-level radiators are just what you need.

Shorter than average horizontal radiators, low-level radiators are perfect for utilizing the small space under the window which would otherwise be forgotten.

Design your Dream Window Display

Not only does this free up extra space for furniture, but it also adds a stylish design feature to your window display.

Whether you prefer modern minimal radiators or timeless traditional column radiators, you will find a low-level radiator in a style you love.

Complete your window display with candles and accessories for the dream cozy reading corner.

Showcase Stately Cast Iron

Reminiscent of grand stately homes and regal period properties, authentic cast iron radiators are dramatic design features with impressive heat-retaining capabilities.

Exuding elegance and charm with beautiful ornate details and magnificent solid iron panels, cast iron radiators provide a powerful presence in any style of home.

For smaller spaces, you can also find cast iron radiators with short, low-level designs that still offer the same striking character from a delicate compact frame.

Combine form with Function

With the development of heating design, you no longer have to sacrifice excellent quality functionality for beautiful form. Modern designer radiators offer the best of both.

When choosing a radiator that complements your home decor, think about other statement pieces in your home and what you like about them.

Are you drawn to contemporary minimal furniture? If so, look for high-quality radiators with a clean, understated aesthetic.

A great example of this is the Scandi style bathroom ladder trend. These tall, floor-standing ladders are now available as heated towel rails to help you save space by combining two stylish features in one.

For beautiful heaters with added efficiency, modern electric radiators now also combine form and function to help you create your dream home whilst also reducing your energy usage and costs.

Set up Sculptural Features

Taking form and function to another level, if you really want to make a standout feature with your heating, select a radiator with a sculptural, artistic design.

From contemporary surfboard shapes to mirrored panels with smooth curves and unique lines, designer radiators offer endless possibilities and exciting creative designs that are almost unrecognizable as home heaters.


Remember to think about how your radiators could enhance your home decor and create beautiful design features for your next heating project.

Whether you play with unique colors, modern aesthetics, or timeless statement pieces, radiators provide far more than heat for your home.

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