The idea of home and hearth is a visceral concept. Just the thought of sitting in front of a fireplace on a cool night evokes a strong sense of comfort and well-being.

Therefore, it is no wonder that home heaters remain a popular addition no matter the size or scope.

Fireplaces are no longer basic creations with a standard imposing design and built into the center of the room.

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Heating Options Worth Considering

There is much more to a traditional heater these days than meets the eye. Every nuance can affect your choice of heaters.

Therefore, before you select a new heater for your home, there are a few things to consider, including:

  • The purpose of the fireplace.
  • The size of the space to be heated.
  • The number of units you expect or prefer to have.
  • The type of fuel source you would prefer to use.
  • Your budget.

Wood-burning fireplaces

These are the original types of home heating systems. Wood-burning heaters have been in use in one form or another for centuries.

Despite the age of this concept, it has endured time and change and remains a popular heating solution in homes today.

The main difference between modern wood fireplaces and any early iterations is design.

Although traditional fireplaces are still widely used, wood heaters are no longer confined to one generic design.

Instead, there are many model options available to suit differing aesthetics and size requirements.

If you are planning to heat a large room, then Lopi Flush Wood Large Next-Gen might be just what you’re looking for.

This model has been designed to heat rooms up to 300 square meters in size. In addition, it features NexGen Fyre Technology that promotes clean-burning, which significantly reduces emissions from burning wood.

With fewer emissions comes less carbon monoxide and more efficiency. Therefore, you use less wood to get more heat within a larger space, all while spending less on the cost of heating.

For both form and function, try the Lopi Evergreen. Its appearance lends itself well to complement a wide variety of home decor styles.

Moreover, with a body made of gauge steel and a cast iron door, the Evergreen is just as durable as it is pleasing to the eye.

This model has a secondary combustion feature. The addition uses accumulated smoke to re-ignite the flame after being left at a mellow burn over a long period.

Sometimes, lighting a wood fire can be frustrating and time-consuming. The solution to this dilemma lies in Greenstart™ technology.

It is a design feature that allows you to ignite or re-light a wood fire with nothing more than the press of a button.

Greenstart™ works by preheating air to 760 degrees Celsius before it blows into the firebox, which ignites the coals or wood. Many heater models are fitted with this technology.

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Gas Fireplaces

Gas heaters have experienced a significant gain in market share recently. This change is because gas is more accessible and relatively cheaper than wood and electricity.

Gas fireplaces are also easy to light- a switch or button is standard. Once the fire is on, it is easy to make temperature adjustments with your choice of one of two temperature control options.

The first is a manual dial that takes the height of the flame up or down. Secondly, you may use ‘Smart’ mode where a temperature is set, allowing the fireplace to make automatic adjustments.

The automatic adjustment is a part of the GreenSmart™technology installed in all Lopi gas fireplaces.

 The nature of burning gas, as opposed to wood, is that there are fewer by-products from the burning.

With the absence of soot and ash, gas heaters are easier to clean. In addition, maintenance is also simple and can be restricted to an annual schedule.

Rest easy if you were interested in a gas fireplace but worry that your existing chimney may hinder any effort to install one.

There are gas inserts available that are designed to fit snugly into the opening below a chimney.

Additionally, they have decorative faces to facilitate more straightforward design incorporation with minimal effort.

With all your options laid out, the ball now falls in your court. There is a lot to take in before you can thoroughly weigh your choices.

No matter which type of heater you select, there is always an expert at hand to help you install it.

So contact your nearest heating experts to get your ideal heater. You will soon be basking in the ambiance of a well-chosen addition to your home.