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Popular Types of Bespoke Fireplaces That Will Chase Away the Chill in Your Home

Popular Types of Bespoke Fireplaces  — Fireplaces have gone a long way from a mere hole in the wall and used purely for heat to become the focal point in a home. Whether it’s the traditional wood-burning or bespoke fireplaces, these modern marvels not only add value to your home but also enhance your space.

Popular Types of Bespoke Fireplaces | How to Choose a Fireplace
Popular Types of Bespoke Fireplaces | How to Choose a Fireplace

Popular Types of Bespoke Fireplaces That Will Chase Away the Chill in Your Home

That’s why choosing which fireplace best suits your existing décor could become a challenging endeavour. So we’ve summed up the most common types of fireplaces below and included their pros and cons.

How to Choose a Fireplace

Before anything else, you need to ask yourself: What is the primary purpose of your fireplace?

If you’re having a difficult time fully answering that question, then go through the questions below in order to determine which fireplace is highly ideal for you:

  • Will the fireplace be used as the main heat source?
  • Is the fireplace purely for aesthetic purposes or to create an ambience?
  • Does it have to offer both?
  • Is your budget flexible?
  • What is your home’s existing theme or style?
  • What is your style preference for the fireplace?
  • Do you have to remodel your whole space just to complement the style of your new fireplace?
  • Which fireplace type is the most practical and economical for your home? Determine this by weighing the cost to run it, availability of fuel, etc.
  • Are you planning for a short-term investment?
  • Do you plan on selling your house in the near future?
  • Consider your home’s insulation, ceiling height and window sizes. These factors will like to impact the fireplace type that suits your space.

Most Common Types of Fireplaces

Although there are a wide number of fireplace options available in the market, the 3 most common, and popular, include electric, gas and wood burning. A recent addition is an ethanol.

Wood-Burning Fireplace

Nothing beats the mesmerising effect of flickering flames of the traditional wood-burning hearth. Compared with other sources of heat, this fireplace type generates an unparalleled level of warmth.

Wood-Burning Fireplace - Popular Types of Fireplaces
Wood-Burning Fireplace (Popular Types of Fireplaces )

Since wood is a renewable source, they are indeed considered a carbon-neutral way of producing heat for your whole house.


Most people relish the feel and smell of an old-fashioned hearth. Additionally, burning wood is a lot cheaper than getting fuel, especially when your house is surrounded by trees.


You should know that a wood-burning fireplace is the most cost-intensive and labour-intensive installation process. If your house doesn’t come to a chimney and a hole for your fireplace, then you might want to make sure you have the necessary budget and paperwork to have one installed. Firewood supply and clean-up are other downsides to the traditional type.

Gas Fireplaces

Gas-fuelled bespoke fireplaces have exponentially grown in popularity. Not only are they easy to install, but also they’re more affordable and there’s the instant heat, minus the wood-chopping fiasco.

Gas Fireplaces - Popular Types of Bespoke Fireplaces
Gas Fireplaces (Popular Types of Bespoke Fireplaces )


Less maintenance since there are no ashes or splitting and hauling of firewood. It is also convenient since most gas fireplaces come with a remote or switch which easily turns on the fire.


However, gas fireplaces should not be considered as the primary heat source. Also, the gas you’re actually burning could cost more than the wood you’re chopping. Another downside to a gas-fueled hearth is that you will not get to enjoy either the woodsy smell or the cracking sound of burning logs.

Electric Fireplaces

Electric fireplaces have significantly evolved in the past few years. These new fireplaces make use of modern LED technologies in order to mimic realistic-looking flames. Additionally, these fireplaces also offer a greater level of heat output, which is not only energy efficient but also low maintenance.

Electric Fireplaces - Popular Types of Bespoke Fireplaces
Electric Fireplaces (Popular Types of Bespoke Fireplaces )


Electric fireplaces require almost no construction or installation. One great thing about these modern hearths is that they post the lowest health risk since they don’t burn anything. They are highly ideal for apartments and homes with limited spaces.


Note that these fireplaces should be used primarily for decorative purpose and should serve as a secondary heat source. Also, if you’re keen on the feel of real flames, then electric fireplaces are not for you.

Ethanol Fireplaces

Ethanol-fuelled fireplaces are relatively new to the market and became increasingly popular due to their low maintenance, ease of installation and energy efficiency.

Ethanol Fireplaces - Popular Types of Bespoke Fireplaces
Ethanol Fireplaces (Popular Types of Bespoke Fireplaces )


One major advantage of this fireplace type is that it doesn’t necessarily require a flue. And since it doesn’t require venting, these fireplaces can be placed almost anywhere in your home.


However, they do provide less heat compared with gas-fuelled ones and require refilling. Note that ethanol is flammable, so proper and safe refilling should be observed.

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Fireplace Styles and Designs

We all know what traditional fireplaces typically look like. However, manufacturers are offering new designs that easily complement the theme of your home, from traditional to contemporary styles.


These are the ideal option for small spaces and are relatively affordable and easy to install. These are by far the most popular style when designing a space with a beautiful statement piece.

Free Standing

This fireplace style is highly efficient for space that doesn’t have enough wall space for a built-in hearth. It is also ideal for high-cathedral style ceilings. They also work well with large-format glass windows, offering a panoramic view of the flames.

Corner Units

If you appreciate in the aesthetics of a free-standing heart yet would rather prefer a fireplace that doesn’t project into the living space, then you’re better off with a corner unit. Not only is it easy to install, but also it is a great way to fill up dead space in the corner.

Double Sided

A double-sided fireplace could serve as both a fireplace and a space divider so both sides could enjoy the dancing flames.


Nothing speaks a modern design than a suspended fireplace. This is hung from the ceiling and it could be a striking interior sculpture, which could serve as the room’s focal point.


What’s better than a suspended hearth? Of course, one that rotates. Imagine enjoying the playful flames rotating 360 degrees.

Final Thoughts

So are you ready heat things up in your home? Nothing beats the winter blues away than creating a sense of luxury and warmth in your own home with these bespoke fireplaces.

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