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Ideas for An Ideal Summer House in The UK

As per a recent survey, a third of Brits believe that a garden is more valuable than an additional bedroom.

And the estimation that about 90% of UK households will have a garden soon shows the locals’ love for keeping their property close to nature. Hence, the idea of a summer house UK seems unavoidable.

image - Ideas for An Ideal Summer House in The UK
Ideas for An Ideal Summer House in The UK

If you have a lush garden around your home, it is best to incorporate a summer house.

The investment can have your property value increase by up to 5%. Leading consultants collaborate with top UK manufacturers, such as Rowlinson Summer Houses, and feature some of the largest collections in various styles.

Here are the top ideas for an ideal summer home in the United Kingdom.

A Perfect and Cosy Sit Out

According to the UK government’s working time directive, ideally, you can work for a maximum of 48 hours, averaged over 17 weeks.

You can engage a professional to build a cozy summer house for a perfect sit-out slot in your garden area, to spend your leisure time after working for 8 to 9 hours a day.

They use the finest Swedish Redwood and pressure-treated timber to create a construction that will remain solid and sustainable for at least 25 years.

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A Rural Haven

Though every London borough has more homes without gardens, you could be lucky enough to have a green area in your household if you live in Havering.

But London is all about an upscale lifestyle, so if you are looking for a rural retreat, a summer home in the UK is the best solution to realize your dream.

Experienced consultants can build a beautiful setup with rustic elements like a custom-made coffee table and cabinets, bringing the country-side feel right in your backyard.

A Garden Office

Recent research reveals that 60% of the UK’s population is currently working from home amidst the ongoing pandemic.

While it becomes difficult to focus on work with family around, it is best to have an area where you can work without any distractions.

Top experts can help you build a summer house that can perfectly fit your work requirements.

They create an inspiring office workspace with all the necessary amenities, including a workstation and contemporary storage, ensuring that you continue to work peacefully.

An Alfresco Dining Space

As per a recent statistic, about 80% of UK diners are most likely to increase their time spent in a restaurant if they could dine out. With the thriving café culture, alfresco dining spaces are a common sight across the country.

You can bring the outdoor dining vibe into your property with the help of a summer house structure.

Creative consultants fit in sophisticated furniture to maximize the space and add elements to create a great dining area set up in your summer house.

You can host scrumptious lunches and dinners for your guests on your property, leaving them spellbound with the aesthetic appeal of your charming summer house.

In recent months, the UK’s real estate market has shown signs of slowing down since June 2020, leaving the average property price at about £230k.

Hence, this is the best time to book a property with excellent prospects for setting up a garden and hire a summer house expert.

Rest assured, you can have a pleasant outdoor time on your property while living the UK’s upscale lifestyle.