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How to Get a Lush Green Lawn?

To keep the lawn in top condition, you must take proper care that shows up in the form of lush green lawns which bear the signs of proper maintenance.

No matter how well you care for your lawn there is room for betterment always and besides watering, here are some essential tips in lawn care to improve the condition and appearance of your lawn to make it look like a soft green carpet.

image - How to Get a Lush Green Lawn
How to Get a Lush Green Lawn

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Edging helps to define the edge of your lawn that looks neat as it prevents the grass from growing into borders. The lawn would seem as if drawn on a piece of paper with prominent borders. Edging gives a neat look to the garden beside a very satisfying finish.

To create the edge, you must use a pair of long-handled shears and to cut away any grass that grows along it use a half-moon edger or spade to create a shallow moat and reshape the edge or install permanent edging that prevents the grass from crossing it. For more information, visit lawn care Edmonton.

Compaction is Bad

The bare patches on the lawn that you see during summer and the mud baths that become visible in winter are the result of compaction that prevents the grass from growing well.

To relieve compaction and aerate the soil, you must push a garden fork to a depth of 10 cm into the soil and rock it back and forth every 10 cm to loosen the soil and allow the grass to breathe easy and regrow.

If the soil is heavy, then you must brush fine horticultural grit or sharp sand into the holes to prevent further compaction and improve drainage.

Fill Bare Patches

For filling up bare patches in the lawn, use the strips collected during reshaping the lawn and sow them 5cm apart on a seed-tray filled with compost and then grow them on outdoor or in a cold frame.

To replace the bare patch, use a hand trowel to cut out a square or rectangle around the area and dig up the soil to a depth equivalent to the depth of soil of the new turf.

Lay the turf gently and cut to fit it on the patch. Firm it down to remove gaps and maintain the same level as the existing lawn surface.


Water the lawn adequately during summer by keeping the sprinkler or hose on for a few hours in the evening, and this is necessary for even established lawns.

If left without water, they will again become green in autumn. Allow the grass to grow longer because it takes more time to turn brown.


Maintain the grass height about 5-10 cm during the summer months so that it can withstand drought effectively. Shady lawns are less prone to bare patches and moss. Mowing the lawn once a week in summer and once every fortnight during warm winter as well and spring and autumn should help to maintain the lawn in good shape.

Keep the lawn free from weeds like clover, buttercups, and yellow medick that can grow very fast.

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