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5 Tips for Using Landscaping Shrubs to Change the Look of Your Yard

Tom down the road thinks his lawn is better than yours. And honestly, he’s not wrong.

There is so much more to a beautiful yard than perfectly mowed grass. You also need landscaping shrubs to amplify your curb-appeal.

image - 5 Tips for Using Landscaping Shrubs to Change the Look of Your Yard
5 Tips for Using Landscaping Shrubs to Change the Look of Your Yard

Some experts claim that proper landscaping can raise your property value by tens of thousands of dollars. Mature foliage is worth even more money, so you better start now, even if you’re not thinking of selling!

It can be overwhelming knowing where to start. There are almost 400,000 different species of plants, and you may not have a green thumb.

Don’t worry, we have your back. Here are 5 tips that will help you show up your neighbors.

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  1. Line Your Foundation

One of the best places to plant foliage is against your house. Landscape bushes around your home visually anchor it to the ground.

Great foundation shrubs should stay green all year. You want your home to look soft and inviting no matter what season it is.

Additionally, consider how big the shrub will get. You don’t want it to block any windows or pathways.

Some great landscaping shrubs for your foundation are:

  • Holly shrubs, like English Holly or Soft-Touch Holly
  • Snowball Bush
  • Winter Gem Boxwood
  • Kaleidoscope Abelia
  1. Landscaping Shrubs Don’t Have to Be Green

Some people prefer all-green shrubbery, but don’t feel inclined to keep it green. There are some wonderful plants that can add a pop of color to your lawn.

Shaina Maple looks like an evergreen bush, but it’s red. Plant it among green bushes as an accent.

Stewartstonian Azalea is another great option. As an evergreen, it will look alive all year round, but its blooms are spectacular. This plant will flower in the spring and the leaves will turn red in the fall.

  1. Line Your Walkway with Shrubs

Don’t be afraid to turn your foundation shrubs into walkway shrubs! Extending the foliage against a fence or path will make your house seem more inviting.

Something gentle like roses or lavender would be perfect for your walkways. If you have stairs, consider plants like Pride of Madeira that will point your eye upward.

  1.  Wait Before Making Major Changes

It only takes an afternoon to rip up some plants, but it takes years for new plants to become mature.

If you just moved into a house and want to transform your shrub landscape, I recommend waiting at least a full year before changing anything. You should see how the existing plants look in each season so you can see what you already have.

The best time to plant shrubs is in the fall, though early spring could also work.

  1. Use a Landscaping Service

There is a lot to consider when planning your lawn. Do the plants need mostly sun or mostly shade? Do they require a lot of upkeep?

Don’t be afraid to call in the experts for design advice or maintenance help.

Companies like West Bay Landscape can help you decide the best landscaping bushes and where to plant them. These companies can also help you maintain your lawn so it’s always looking the best it can be.

Transform Your Landscape

Take these ideas and freshen up your lawn. What are your favorite landscaping shrubs? Let us know in the comments below.

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