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How to Make the Neighbor’s Jealous of Your Lawn

Homeowners often dream of having lush, green grass throughout their yard, but knowing how to accomplish it is a little more difficult.

If your lawn is looking sparse, overtaken with weeds, or it’s just not as green as you’d like, use the following tips to start taking better care of it. With the right knowledge, it’s possible to have a lawn that will make all of your neighbors jealous.

How to Make the Neighbor's Jealous of Your Lawn
How to Make the Neighbor’s Jealous of Your Lawn

How to Make the Neighbor’s Jealous of Your Lawn

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Choose the Right Lawn Feed

Fertilizers are crucial when you want to have a great lawn. However, it’s not as easy as just picking up any fertilizer to use. The fertilizer is designed to add the micronutrients that the grass needs to grow as healthy as possible. What exactly is needed depends on the type of soil and grass.

Check Here to find one type of lawn feed designed to work with just about any type of grass and see how it might help your lawn grow healthier and greener.

Get Rid of Thick Thatch

Thatch is the buildup of decomposing grass, roots, and leaves. This is normal, and a small amount of thatch is fine. However, if there is around ¾ of an inch or more of thatch, it’s likely hampering your lawn’s ability to grow.

Use a dethatcher to aerate the lawn and remove the thick layer of thatch from the lawn to help the grass be able to reach all of the nutrients in the soil. Dethatching should be done in either the spring or fall and can be done once a year if needed.

Don’t Cut Grass Too Low

Most people don’t cut their grass properly, which leads to the grass not being as healthy as it could be. The most common mistake is cutting the grass too low.

While cutting it low does mean you can go longer without needing to cut it again, avoid this if you want lush, green grass. Instead, only take off about 1/3 of the grass each time you mow the yard.

You’ll need to mow a little more frequently, but the grass will look a lot better. When you mow, go ahead and leave the clippings in the grass. They will break down quickly, returning essential nutrients to the soil so your lawn has the food it needs.

More Water, Less Frequently

When it’s not raining, many homeowners tend to water their lawn every day to ensure the grass gets plenty of water. However, a lot of that water is going to evaporate before it soaks into the soil and gets used by the grass.

Instead, it’s much better to only water once or twice a week. When you do water the lawn, use more water so it can penetrate the soil. You should use around one inch of water per week, provided it hasn’t rained that week.

If you want your neighbors to be jealous of your green, lush lawn, start using the tips here to improve how it looks. You won’t be able to change the look of your lawn overnight, but you can improve the health, and therefore the look, of your grass by making sure you’re taking care of it properly. Invest in quality tools and lawn feed, then spend a little bit of time each week to boost your lawn’s health and appearance.

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