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Patio or Deck – Which is Best?

No garden is complete without a patio or deck, but how do you know which one is right for you? While both patios and decks are very popular, they are completely different.

Outdoor Living Patio - Patio or Deck – Which is Best
Outdoor Living Patio

Patio or Deck – Which is Best

Patios are constructed from paving on a flat surface. Decks are usually raised and constructed from wood. Knowing the look that you want to achieve and the amount of upkeep you want to worry about is essential to picking between the two.

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Overall Aesthetic

Both patios and decks are beautiful, but they look vastly different from one another. If you like the appearance of wooden and the uniformity of planks, then you will most likely enjoy the look of a deck.

Since most decks are constructed from some type of wood, they have a very natural look to them. Decks can also be stained or painted to match the surrounding environment.

Patios are created from different types of paving. The simplest patios are poured concrete slabs. However, you can also use tiles to create a more intricate design. If you like something artsier and more creative, then you may prefer a patio with unique patterns and colours.

Decking Balcony
Decking Balcony

Money Spent

Decks are known for costing more than patios. Of course, the price really depends on the complexity of the deck. Multi-level and raised decks are more expensive to design and build than simpler models. However, even though you may pay more initially, you can expect a higher return on your investment if you ever sell your home.

Patios are generally more affordable. Basic concrete patios are the cheapest to build, but they’re also the most boring. If you decide to choose higher-quality paving, you will end up spending more. Fancy designs are also costlier to create, yet may still be more affordable than a wooden deck.

Regular Maintenance and Care

Be aware that most decks require more effort to maintain. You need to reseal and stain the wood every couple of years to keep it looking its best. This also prevents wood rot and warping. Power washing is also vital to caring for your deck.

You may even need to oil the wood to keep the brown colour looking vibrant. If you don’t, the wood may turn grey as it ages.

Patios also require maintenance, but it’s generally not as involving. You won’t have to worry about wood rot, and warping is never an issue. Most pavers are extremely durable, especially stone. However, all patios are prone to cracking under extreme temperature changes.

You may choose to power wash the pavers whenever they get dirty or stained. Beware, it’s more difficult to clean stains on pavers than it is to clean sealed wood. You can choose to seal your patio, and if you do, you’ll need to reseal it every few years.

Amount of Privacy

Sometimes, neighbours like to peek over the hedges to see what’s happening in your garden. Decks are often raised, which makes them easier to be seen by prying eyes.

However, since patios are usually flush to the ground, they’re more difficult to see from a distance. If privacy is important to you, go with a patio.

Intended Use

Decks and patios are used for many different purposes. If you enjoy spending time with friends and want to host gatherings, then a deck may be the perfect options. If you have enough room, you can build a deck as big as you want. Multi-level decks make it even easier to host large parties. You won’t worry about not having enough space.

However, decks do have a weight limit while patios usually do not. If you plan on installing something heavy on your garden, you may opt for a patio instead. This is true if you want to add a hot tub or full outdoor kitchen, for example. Always ask about weight restrictions before building either a deck or a patio.

Choosing between a deck and a patio is strictly a matter of preference. Consider the layout of your garden, for example. If the land is flat, installing a patio will be easy. If you live on uneven terrain, you are better off building a custom deck. Both provide more outdoor living space and will add value to your home.

Read more about the material costs to make an informed decision on your choice by looking over a patio vs decking cost calculator and find a trader locally to have a chat.

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