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Home Decor Trends That You Must Try This Spring Season

Spring is here to get us in the spirit of redecorating our homes. It is finally time to trade our winter decor with something more colorful and a little brighter.

This Spring season, let’s experiment with some high contrast, bold patterns, and lots of indigo. But before you start decorating, it’s important to remember that “less is always more“. Leaning towards minimalism is a great way for the aesthetic to pop up.

Home Decor Trends That You Must Try This Spring Season
Home Decor Trends That You Must Try This Spring Season

Home Decor Trends That You Must Try This Spring Season

Here are some home decor trends to look out for this spring season:

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Try Fun Colors

Beautifying your home with colors is an easy way to move from one season to the other. Nature is the biggest source of color inspiration during the spring season. Think of the sky, the sun, the grass, and the flowers and accordingly choose the colors – pinks, greens, blues or yellows.

Experiment with subtle colors and try to mix and match colors like melon and coral, mint and baby pink or peach and cobalt. Also, serene and rich indigo is getting some extra love this season.

You can bring these colors together via paint, rugs or bedding. Whether you love pastels, neutrals or bright colors, using different color combos will bring a new vibe into your home.

Splash of Bright and Bold Patterns

This Spring, add bright and bold patterns to your home interiors. Changing mats, curtains, pillows and hand towels with bold and bright patterns will effortlessly bring spring into your home. For a bolder change, try elegant tribal rugs that can make any space look more lively.

Add Fresh Flowers

The best way to bring spring inside your home is through flowers. To make your house come alive, add fresh flowers that speak to your style.

Flowers like lilies, tulips, lilacs, peonies, and cherry blossoms are perfect to add more natural color to your home decor. Other than flowers and plants, you can also try floral artwork, flower print rugs or bedding to enhance the look of your house.

Re-style Your Bathroom

Don’t forget to re-style your bathroom this spring season! This is the place where you spend precious time grooming yourself. Using plants, chic accessories, colorful towels or modern storage is a quick way to style your bathroom.

Springtime is also the perfect time to update that hard to clean bathtub. The best and cost-effective way to get rid of that dull bathtub is to refinish it. Bathtub refinishing is a replacement or removal method that turns the ugly yellow tubs to new and fresh ones.

Outdoor Spring Decor

Extend your love for spring to the outdoors! After a long and chilly winter, we are eager to spend our time outside. So, why not make the outdoors as bright as the inside. There are many ways to adorn your outdoor space and some of the trends mentioned above can be used to decorate the garden area, patio, deck, or the porch.

You can place a beautiful welcome mat, some potted plants or a wreath decorated with flowers outside your front door. Bright colored outdoor furniture with patterned cushions or pillows can be set up in the backyard; this will make the outdoor space look lively.

Putting a bold rug outside is also a great way to beautify the open area and turn it into a relaxing and pleasant space. Additionally, by fitting some string lights outside you can enjoy your cozy space even in the night.

These spring trends will help you to reinvent your home and give it a sense of warmth. So, embrace all of the above-mentioned ideas and revamp all those corners of your house. This spring season, don’t be afraid of being quirky and bold!

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