Featured of How to Make Outdoor Maintenance Look Easy

How to Make Outdoor Maintenance Look Easy

What’s the first part of your home that everyone sees? It’s not a trick question. It’s the exterior! Your paint, yard, and landscaping are all part of someone’s initial view of your property. Of course, you want them to look good because you know what they say about first impressions.

How to Make Outdoor Maintenance Look Easy

How to Make Outdoor Maintenance Look Easy

How to Make Outdoor Maintenance Look Easy

Every homeowner wants to show off what they love about their house. For some, it’s an awesome kitchen or cool game room, but for others, it’s the space that first greets your guests. It can be intimidating to invite friends and family over when you’re not proud of the way your home looks.

Perhaps you haven’t had the time or money to fix things up the way you want to, but that shouldn’t stop you from being proud of your property.

Even if you’re not one of those outdoor nuts who spend (or wishes they could spend) every waking moment making your lawn and landscaping look beautiful, you don’t have let it become an overgrown lot. There are easy ways to make you grounds look great, and we have them right here for you.

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Primetime Lawn Lines

You may not be selling yet, but the fact that curb appeal is one of the very first things that a real estate agent mentions when shopping houses says something about its impact. You don’t want your house to stick out in a bad way compared to the rest of the homes in the neighborhood.

It’s also important to have your yard looking fantastic for the biggest days of the year. Think summer holidays and fall get-togethers. When it comes time for those special events, all eyes are on your landscaping. Better make sure you know how to cut awesome mowing lines in your grass.

The Pressure Is on

This will probably come as no surprise, but 90 percent of homeowners find having a great lawn important. And over 70 percent of them believe that their neighbors having great lawns is also important. If you don’t think the guy next door is judging your grass, you know now that he is. So why is it such a big deal? It could be because your yard serves as the introduction to your house.

If your lawn looks great, people will assume that the rest of your home looks similar. The grass is also one of the only vibrant parts of your property. With most houses painted a neutral color, a lush, green front yard introduces a nice contrast to the grounds. It’s only natural to find variety and vitality appealing. But this idea extends beyond just your grass.

It’s All About the Fundamentals

We’ll make this simple: Keep your grass green. Nothing is more important to the look of your exterior than a lush lawn. There are other things that need attention, but if your yard is brown or bare, they won’t matter at all. The easiest way to do this is by overseeding your lawn.

Sure, aeration and fertilization make a big impact as well, but if you start to see an area that’s not up to par, throw some seed on it.

It is All About the Fundamentals

It’s All About the Fundamentals

That’s not too difficult, right? Spreading new seed over existing turf can provide a thicker lawn with a more vivacious color. It’s affordable, quick and well worth it.

Keep Your Landscaping in Check

Trim, mulch, and don’t forget to pull those weeds. Landscaping maintenance is an extension of your lawn. If it looks great, people will notice. If it looks terrible, people will notice even more. It’s an easy task to stay on top of if you make it a priority.

Schedule times to spray weeds and keep your ground covering looking fresh by replacing it when it fades or becomes distressed. Just like any other part of home maintenance, procrastinating on simple tasks will just mean cleaning up a bigger mess later.

Make It Look Fun

Add a baseball pitching net, trampoline or fire pit to your yard. Anything that looks like fun will do the trick. Items like these provide an enjoyable and an eye-catching look. So not only will your lawn look great, but it will look like a family appreciates using the space…and fun is always more attractive.

These are all simple, cheap tips that will make your outdoor space look great. And the best part is that you can get started on them right now!

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