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5 Ways to Maintain Your Garden Healthy

Keeping a garden adds to the appearance of your property, offers sustenance to your family, and gives you a sense of pride. But, it takes work to keep all of these things coming.

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5 Ways to Maintain Your Garden Healthy

Garden protection and care will tremendously pay off. Do you know how to maintain your garden?

Keep reading to learn 5 tips on how to maintain a healthy garden.

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1. Plan Before You PlantHow to Design Your Garden?

You should not simply throw a garden anywhere and expect an assortment of plants to grow. You need to plan out everything from the placement of your garden to the arrangement of your crops in order to make it possible to maintain.

Pay attention to the amount of sunlight that hits that plot of land, the air circulation, and the water drainage. You also want a spot with loose, rich soil.

You also need to know which plants go together. Each will use and deposit a unique set of nutrients, so some grow in tandem well others hinder the other.

If you want to plan for neighborhood flower gardens, then you need to pay attention to a larger scale. Whiteacre Planning is an independent planning applications consultancy that can help with some of the decisions involved.

2. Know When and How Much to Water It

When you water your garden can affect fruit, vegetable, and flower plant care. Do not water it late in the day or at night.

Doing so makes it more difficult for the leaves to dry and can lead to the growth of mold. Instead, water your plants early in the morning, so they dry off in the sunlight throughout the day.

Though some plants need different amounts of water, most need about one inch per week. Hot and dry climates will increase the need for water.

With outdoor plant care, this may come from the rain or your hose. Using a rain gauge will help you determine whether or not it needs additional water.

You can also check the soil yourself. Press your fingers into it to make sure it does not feel too dry.

3. Prune Your Plants

A big part of garden care involves pruning to both keep it looking kempt and maintain healthy plants. Watch for wounded limbs, as they can get infected and kill the entire plant if not taken off, especially during the winter.

4. Fertilize Properly

After plating your garden, wait a few weeks before applying fertilizer. Talk to a specialist from your garden store to see what type of fertilizer your plants need.

Do not use too much. To maintain your garden, you only need to fertilize about once or twice per year.

5. Prevent Harmful Insects

Insects like aphids, cutworms, and certain types of beetles can destroy your garden by spreading diseases or simply eating it up. Take protective measures for nice gardening results.

Keep the soil healthy with natural fertilizers and rotate your crops. Also, plant flowers, like calendula and coriander, that attract beneficial insects to keep bad bugs away.

Keep Your Garden Beautiful With These Garden Protection Tips

Proper garden protection and care will provide you with a wonderful asset. It takes a little work for a large reward.

We want to help you maintain your dream garden. Read more gardening tips on our website!

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