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How to Make DIY Dehumidifier?

Worry about a damp basement? Really don’t know how to make your own DIY Humidifier for your basement? Just apply some little tricks & save your money.

Regardless weather is responsible for that cold & damp basement or the moisture room temperature. You may be confused about which one will be the best homemade DIY dehumidifier.

This content will make it easy to make any decision. To get all details please go through our content diligently.

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How to Make DIY Dehumidifier?

Benefits of Homemade Dehumidifier

If you really lived in those countries that are based on excess cold or hot weather, then you will understand the importance of humidifier & Dehumidifiers.

Russia, Greenland, Canada, USA passed their large portion at the lowest temperature. Now let me tell you the benefits of homemade dehumidifiers.

  • It helps to ignore allergy problems like stuffy noses.
  • Control breathing problem
  • Reduce the moisture & musty & odor smell
  • Helps to dry clothes faster

How to Make DIY Dehumidifier

You can make the dehumidifier in different ways. Here we will discuss only 5 ways to make it. Let’s try those & find out the best effective way among them.

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Crystals for Absorbing the Moisture

Crystals will help to control the moisture because they are made of anhydrous flakes. CaCl is the best source of a high-level water affinity.

Which helps to extract the extra humidity from the air or from the weather. This is really a simple chemical process.

You just need the drill machine, two containers & enough moisture lock crystal. Make some orifice at the bottom of the container and keep it above the other container. This will manage water drainage. Now place all moisture lock crystals into the holes created container.

Silica Gel to Absorb the Moisture

Sometimes we find a little packet of things inside the product’s packet. Like clothes, shoes or other things. This is actually the packet of silica that the manufacturer keeps inside to maintain the temperature.

It also helps the food to be spoiling. Because it keeps all things dry & moisture. Though it gives the desiccant moisture from their decadence, so you can easily use it as a dehumidifier

Just keep inside all silica gel in a jar with a lid. Now make holes on that lids with something narrow with a sharpened shape. Leave them in a place to reduce the level of the humidifier of your room.

Rock Salt Moisture Absorber

The percentage of your home humidity should be 30% to 50%. Just because of increasing the humidity level we feel uncomfortable.

To create the rock salt dehumidifier we need to arrange some elements. Drill machine to create a hole, 2 large size buckets & a bag full of rock salt.

First, create a maximum number of holes at the bottom with one bucket. This actually will be used to scaped the collected water.

Put this one inside the rest one. Now you need to fill out the bucket with rock salt through those holes. Now keep the bucket at that corner where you want to reduce the moisture.

Calcium Chloride Method

This is actually an effective dehumidifier that will work with or without air circulation. Though we know that it needs the air circulation to make the chemical able to reduce the dust into the air.

It works as a good dehumidifier just because of high hydration power. Calcium chloride actually attracts the molecules of the water.

We need a string, socks, medium or large size container. Then we need a minimum amount of Calcium chloride. Just put the amount of Calcium chloride inside the sock then tie them properly.

Now take the string around the tie & hang them at a suitable place. Now you can place a bowl underneath the Calcium chloride contain sock.

Electronic Method

An electronic dehumidifier is more costly than the other dehumidifier. To start this project we just need a copper tube coil, a large size container, insulated foam or a cooler box. You can also select the a.k.a styrofoam cooler.

Then we need a mini size water pump. Now a single thing is really important to manage your room temperature.

Copper light with the coil will make the surface more condensed. So this will be better to take a lengthy coil. Next to the cooler box, it should be used as a reservoir.

Here you should add a gallon cold water. We need to mix ice cubes also. You can add some extremely cold water bottles to keep the water cool. Now connect with the water pump.

On the other side add the hose for copper tubing. Connect the hose with our reservoir. Come back to the other end & use a rubber tube if there are any extensions.

Now you can place the coin over your container. This will help you to keep the water when it will create the condensation. So finally you will be able to feel condense weather with the help of this dehumidifier.

Final Thought

No doubt it would be great fun with new experience while you will make the dehumidifier. And the best thing is that it will remove the yearly moisture from your room.

If you got the chance to make a dehumidifier, then I would like to recommend it to you. Not only a safe project but also will save you money.

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  • For my bathroom, moisture is a problem. I tapped into the cold water line twice (for in/out). When showering I turn on my setup which is two fans and a pump(all dc). The cold water travels through my setup through coiled shower hose(stainless) and then on to the shower. Alot of the steam from shower gets pulled through and the moisture condenses.

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