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[Infographic] Quick Actions to Take When Basements Floods

Most homeowners in Phoenix have to face the unpleasant event of flooded basement clean up when a big storm hits. When dealing with floodwaters, quick actions must be taken to limit the damage because a lot of water can pose a threat to our home and wellbeing.

Following are some safety measures which you can take during floods:

  1. Safety First for Water in Clean-up Basement

Standing water means an increased risk of an electrical shock if the water comes into contact with electrical outlets or wiring. If you have standing water in your basement, contact a flood damage restoration service provider.

This should be considered as the first step. During the clean-up process in the basement, only qualified plumbers or flood repair service providers can handle standing water.

  1. Locating the Source of Flood Water

It’s important to locate the source of the floodwater to stop water from flooding your basement. If you can do so safely check the area thoroughly to decide where the water is coming in.

If you can’t stop the water from coming on your own, a skilled specialist can help you in the repair of basement flooding as they can effectively plug up the source.

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  1. Save and Discard What You Can

Start unplugging all electronics and saving your belongings once it’s safe to enter the flooded area. Move as many possessions as possible to higher ground, prioritizing your most critical valuable items, such as documents, family heirlooms, and keepsakes.

  1. Dry It Out

The faster the area affected can be dried out, the faster the flooded basement cleanup process can be completed. Mops and buckets will do the job if the floodwater is relatively shallow, but you can use a submersible pump or a wet /dry vac if the standing water is more than one inch.

To protect your house and health from further damage, you should contact a flood damage restoration service provider as they know the right way to do their job.

Infographic - Quick Actions to Take When Basements Floods

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