Storm, thunder, and lightning can cause immense damages to your trees. Despite your best care, some of them can be vulnerable.

No matter the extent of damage to them, you cannot take your tree health casually. You need to investigate them well and find out whether the storm has hurt them.

But don’t walk into your yard without proper safety measures. Strong winds may have left behind hanging branches or loose electric wires.

So, it can be better to call the specialists. Otherwise, you don’t know when that limb would come off from the tree and hit you. Or the broken power line can still have current.

You don’t have to worry about all this if you hire a trusted tree service company, Owens Bros Tree Service.

They can take care of everything. Anyway, you can walk around your lawn to spot the damages wreaked on your trees by the storm.

The telltales can be hanging branches, a gash in the tree branches, uneven tree canopy, decay or cavities in a tree trunk, loose soil at the tree base, exposed roots, a leaning tree, etc.

All these signs warn that you need professional help as the risk of a falling tree can be looming large.

The experts can approach different injuries in different ways. Here is a quick glimpse of the same.

image - Identifying Storm-Damaged Trees and Proper Caring Measures for Them

Identifying Storm-Damaged Trees and Proper Caring Measures for Them

Broken Tree Limb

They can prune the damaged branches to stop pests from feeding on them and make them weak.

However, they can decide to trim them up to their meeting point with another giant limb.

If barks are coming out, they can cut the branch and smooth the area to remove protrusion.

Split Tree

Minor tree splits can heal by themselves. But if it extends up to the undamaged branch, they can consider smoothing the bark to aid in their healing.

However, things can be challenging when larger branches or trunks develop splits. Still, they can make your life easy with their expertise and equipment.

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Damaged Crown or Treetop

Tree removal can be the best solution if more than 50% of your tree canopy gets damaged.

Otherwise, they can survive and flourish with little help from your local tree removal agency.

These are only a few examples. Storm tree damages can be of many types. As an avid gardener, you can take care of a few things. However, when it comes to laborious tasks like pruning, trimming, and others, you can contact professionals for assistance.

They can examine the situation well and suggest a suitable solution. At the same time, you can seek them to clear your lawn off the fallen trees after a storm.

You cannot tackle this as there can be entangled electric lines. Or, if a branch is loosely hanging, it can fall any time and cause injuries.

That’s why it is best to hand over this task. Their training, tools, and knowledge allow them to accomplish their job with utmost safety.

Some companies also offer emergency services. So, if you have any urgent need, you can depend on them to come to your rescue. Just make sure you choose the right agency for this work.