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The Importance and Benefits of Planting Trees

The Earth’s surface currently has a whopping 3.04 trillion trees planted on it! Although this seems like a massive number, it is still not enough.

The recent climate changes, global warming, and rise in carbon dioxide levels are incredibly worrying.

Since trees produce oxygen and take in carbon dioxide, they have a considerable contribution to the atmosphere. Without trees, mother nature will eventually die.

The rate of deforestation is alarming too. All the plants and trees are keeping the climate intact.

If all the trees are cut down, our future is going to be ruined. Or maybe, there will be no future.

To help the climate and our planet, we need to plant as many trees as possible for the future. Buy trees online and contribute to saving the dying Earth.

image - The Importance and Benefits of Planting Trees
The Importance and Benefits of Planting Trees

Cleansing the Air Around You

Leaves absorb a lot of carbon dioxide. They use it and convert it into oxygen, which is then released back into the air.

Carbon dioxide is harmful as it increases global warming. Also, the current level of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere is damaging to health.

Apart from carbon dioxide, trees also absorb many other harmful gases to the living being. Some examples are ozone, nitrogen oxides, etc.

  • Trees earth and environment temperature by covering them with a packet of air.

Disguised surfaces maybe 25–50°F lower than the actual temperatures of uncovered materials.

  • Trees cool the city by up to 10°F by disguising our homes and streets and conveying water seethe into the air through their leaves.
  • Vanishing of water from trees has a cooling sway.
  • Trees give essential regular everyday routine experiencing space.
  • In British Columbia, Canada, more than 80 untamed life species depend upon trees.
  • Trees and forests give a huge species range. Various animals have an extent of many square miles.

The mountain lion of North America, for instance, has an extent of right around 400 square miles.

Meticulously arranged trees can decrease a family’s energy usage for warming and cooling by up to 25%.

PC models devised by the U.S. Division of Energy anticipate that the proper situation of only three trees can save a typical family someplace in the scope of $100 and $250 in energy costs yearly.

Preventing the Erosion of Soil

The roots of the trees hold the soil around them in place. This saves us from soil erosion.

The leaves act as an umbrella from wind and rain. Thus, keeping everything together.

No soil erosion means cleaner water and better and more fertile soil.

It also saves us from the chances of land sliding in mountainous areas or floods.

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Home to the Wildlife

Most of the trees are home to many different animals, from birds, snakes, bears, monkeys, etc.

All of them find shelter in trees. Cutting down trees or planting no trees will make the animals homeless.

Wildlife is an essential part of our planet. We have to look after them and not take over their homes.

Temperature Differences

The difference in the atmospheric temperature can always be sensed around trees.

A huge tree will provide you with more cooling and vice versa. So, by planting trees in hot areas or closed cities, we can make an enormous difference in the temperature range of the particular area, especially in the commercial sites, where the heat is almost unbearable.

Increasing the Beauty of The Surroundings

Trees make the surroundings look beautiful and attractive. The greenery is much better than gray buildings and pavements.

Many trees have alluring colors, shapes, sizes, and even scents! Birds and other small wildlife are attracted to the area, which increases the peace and natural harmony.

Getting Food from Trees

Many trees bear fruits. So, they are also a solution to hunger. You can plant the seed of your favorite fruit right in your backyard and get a lifetime supply of the fruit! Mango trees, orange trees, peach trees are some examples.

Apart from fruits, another food you can get from trees is honey. Bees make their hives on trees.

So, you can always benefit from them and enjoy fresh honey! But remember to get into safety gear before because bees will attack you when you take down their hives.

Wrapping it all up, trees give us a more pleasant outlook on everything.

Just the presence of trees in an area makes it stand out from every other neighboring place. So, plant as many trees as you can!

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