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How to Incorporate Dried Flowers to Your Home Design

Many people consider dried flowers to be a wasted resource that takes up space. They think flowers that have dried up have lost their beauty and appeal and therefore serve no other purpose.

image - How to Incorporate Dried Flowers to Your Home Design
How to Incorporate Dried Flowers to Your Home Design

On the contrary, when used properly, dried flowers are a handy item that helps significantly in bolstering your home’s decoration potential, giving it a prettier and more inviting appearance.

Check out some of the best ways to use dried flowers in your home’s décor below.

1. Breadstick Art

Start an innovative way to add flowers to your decoration by taking breadsticks and flattening the dried flowers and herbs on their surfaces. Next, bake the bread, and you will have a unique decorative item for your home involving dried flowers.

Breadstick art is the perfect method of using dried flowers to add to your home’s organic feel, creating a welcoming natural atmosphere.

This form of decoration has become wildly popular in recent times, where vintage-style 1800s designs seem to be in vogue, especially those utilizing dried flower designs.

The best part is that the breadsticks will produce a fragrant aroma that interacts well with the dried flowers and herbs.

2. Canvas Art

Canvas art is another bold approach you can take with your dried flowers. It involves pasting the flowers onto a canvas to create intriguing designs. Remember that creativity is essential here.

Try to be as novel as possible. Experiment with different styles and find one that suits you best.

Another kind of canvas art involves calligraphy as another way of decoration. It consists of using dried leaves and flowers pasted on top of the calligraphy in a manner that further emphasizes the message and design.

While this ancient art is connected to Asian roots, there’s a worldwide appeal to how it’s used and updated.

Adding dried flowers Australia style is one such innovation, as the use of dried flowers in this manner is becoming a big success lately since flowers are widely available in a great variety of the most stunning colors Down Under.

3. Vertical Arrangements

Flowers that are dried by hanging can be displayed in a small pot, then arranged vertically. It helps them retain their original shape and does not bend or droop.

You can then enjoy viewing your dried flowers in their full, untainted glory as part of your home’s décor.

4. Frame Pressing

Of the items you can frame aside from photos, dried flowers are one of them. Frame pressing involves pasting your dried flowers onto a picture frame in varying designs and patterns.

Remember, the more attractive your designs, the better looking the décor. Create combinations that will truly blend in and accentuate the different parts of your home.

You can then place your picture frames next to your actual photo frames in your home. They can also be placed on windowsills, bathroom counters, and other similar places with an outside view so that the flowers match the surroundings.

5. Suncatcher

A suncatcher is a marvelous way of incorporating your dried flowers into your home décor. For this decoration method, paste dried flowers onto a suncatcher, which is then hung in an area where it directly catches the sunlight.

The sun’s rays falling on the suncatcher will light up your flower design in a visually attractive manner, which dramatically boosts your home’s beauty.

6. Shadow Box

If you were intrigued by the frame pressing technique and are looking for something similar that doesn’t involve flattening your precious flowers, then the shadow box option is a great technique to try.

Shadow boxes are a great way of framing whole dried flowers enclosed within a beautiful border. It’s similar to a frame except that it contains more space for the flowers to fit in entirely in their original shape without being flattened or bent.

You can also paint and decorate the frame’s edges to further enhance the effect of the flowers on your décor.

7. Wreath

If you’re looking for a more simplistic route, then take your flowers to the local florist and change them into a wreath, which you can then hang anywhere in your home to conjure a simple but pretty décor.

Wreaths work exceptionally well when hung on entrances as they give your home a grander and more hopeful look.

8. Vase

When nothing else seems to be working, the vase is your best bet. Place the flowers upright and leave them on a table or shelf.

Vases with dried flowers will complement your home’s décor and give your residence a nostalgic, rustic appeal. You can even match the colors of the vase with the flowers.

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Start Decorating Today!

So, these are the best ways you can incorporate dried flowers in your home decoration. Next time your flowers dry up, instead of throwing them away, try one of these techniques. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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