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Installation Method of Chandelier

Chandelier’s sconce set is technical, especially when you, not an expert. It involves skills in electrical wiring and safety. Placing a fixture in the right spot is complicated work. For this reason, hire a skilled home repair electrician who knows how to handle complex wiring.

Also, the worker should be extra cautious about safety issues and put care while assembling parts. If you are sure to install it by yourself, here are simple and safe methods to put into consideration.

image - Installation Method of Chandelier
Installation Method of Chandelier

Turn off Power

The essential thing you should put in mind is your safety. Turning off power is something that people tend to forget. Switch off the power before working. This will help to stop a dangerous shock.

Moreover, use a voltage tester to check if the power is off or present. You can also test the voltage tester.

Electricians follow the rule of acting as if the electrical wires are still live in effect after powering off. Therefore, touch the wires with an insulated tool but not hands.

Another precaution is twisting wire that you are not using to avoid harm. Additionally, put on electrical wear such as rubber-soled shoes and protecting clothing.

Loosen the Fixture

It is simple to loosen a chandelier at home safely and fast by using simple tools. Get a screwdriver, ladder, and a voltage detector, which is non-contact. Ensure the ladder is sturdy, and the feet touch the ground.

The voltage detector should work well, hold to light, and make sure it lights. Electrical wiring is dangerous; hence your equipment should be safe.

Use a screwdriver to get the screws on the fixture. Turn the screws in the anticlockwise direction to loosen the screws. This displays wire nuts that are colored and protect the wire.

Mounting Bracket

Get a mounting bracket that is connected to the electrical box. Brackets are meant to give support and interior mount items.

The new chandelier is placed on a new mounting bracket. Get rid of the old one and replace it with the new one.

Connect Wires

Follow instructions that are indicated on the chandelier before installing. Spot neutral wire or white hair from the ceiling and locate the same color on the fixture.

The white wire is connected to the earth’s ground. Also, the wire provides protection from faults when connected to equipment.

Twist ends of the neutral wire to clockwise direction. Then put a wire nut at the end of the wires attached as your turn it clockwise.

The same process should be done on the black wires. Black wire powers circuits and switches. Lastly, the same procedure should be done to the protective or green ground wires. Make sure all the wires are protected with a wire nut.

Install Chandelier

You should give support to the fixture during the procedure. Using a screw, place the fixture in the right position.

The Chandelier sconce set is simple since it does not have bulbs on the plate. Switch on the lights to check if the process went successful.

Replacing a Chandelier

If you want to replace a chandelier, follow these guidelines. However, you should be able to install fixtures efficiently to enhance appearance and function.

Electrical Box

Chandeliers come in different sizes and weights. Some are heavy, while others are not. Install a quality electrical box that will support the weight of the chandelier with more than 50 kilograms.

Another alternative way is to put up a fan brace that will protect ceiling fans. The fan brace needs to be installed properly by a qualified electrician.

They hold a light fixture that weighs 150 pounds. It is better to know how much a chandelier weighs before you purchase.


This is an important part when replacing a fixture. You should be able to know simple instructions about wiring. Your fixture can get up damaging if you are not familiar with wiring.

It can also result in accidents like an electric shock. Avoid such damages by spending less money to hire an electrician.

He can work with different types of wires and connect them well. Neutral wire and live wire can cause an electric circuit when they meet.


You are not supposed to hang the fixture on the wires because it is risky. Place it on the chains to prevent fire. Support the fixture or get someone to hold the chandelier if it is heavy.

Your head should not be directly below the light as you remove the old one. Dead bugs and dust might have occupied and fallen out.

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Final Thoughts

Putting up a chandelier in your home is a perfect choice when you want to take lighting to another level. Fixtures are meant to increase the beauty of the living space, bathroom, bedroom, and other areas.

They are designed in several sizes, styles, and designs that meet your preferences. Therefore, you can choose to put contemporary chandeliers, modern, or crystal.

Chandelier’s sconce set is complicated hence requires a profession. Experts are more familiar with the installation procedures.

However, it is best to pick one who has ever done the job. Installation, labor, and materials will only cost approximately $100 to $400.

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