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3 Ways to Decorate a Pond to Make a Big Splash

It’s been estimated that less than 3% of the water on Earth is freshwater. Only about one-third of that water is located in a place where humans can easily get to it.

However, not all water is used for drinking, or cooking. Sometimes, water can just be nice to look at. We see it and are taken aback by its beauty and tranquility.

image - 3 Ways to Decorate a Pond to Make a Big Splash
3 Ways to Decorate a Pond to Make a Big Splash

A few of us even have the good fortune to have a backyard pond. These ponds often attract animals and offer a decorating project.

You may be wondering how to decorate a pond. We’ll give you some advice in the paragraphs below.

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  1. Containers

If you want to know how to decorate a pond, the answer can be as simple as a bowl or a few rocks.

Whether your pond is natural or man-made, a container will help add a little flair. Some of the most common options are stone or cement because they give the pond a more natural look.

However, there are plenty of amazing container pond ideas out there. You can use anything from old pots to swimming pools as long as it can hold a decent amount of water.

  1. Fish

Many people prefer to bring their pond to life by adding fish to it. Koi is one of the most popular, but there’s a lot to consider when adding them. Koi fish are technically an invasive species, but that doesn’t mean you can’t own one responsibly.

The biggest problem with koi fish is that they have a tendency to escape and settle in lakes, rivers, or other bodies of freshwater. They also swim around a lot, which agitates the sediment in the water and gives plants less access to sunlight.

Keeping a few koi in a pool or a barrel probably isn’t going to contribute to the problem, but you can’t release them into a lake or river. It’s also best not to put the pond anywhere near a lake or river just in case something happens.

  1. Attracting Wildlife

You’re likely to get a few creatures coming to your pond regardless of what you do with it. However, some people prefer to make their ponds more attractive to wildlife so they’ll come around more often.

There are a few things you can do. For instance, planting native plants will bring in animals that eat them or live near them. Putting bits of logs and flat rocks around the pond will attract frogs and turtles.

Putting birdhouses and feeders nearby will definitely help, and digging the edges of the pond deeper than the center might attract frogs and insects, as well mounds just outside the pond, and tiny pools just outside the pond that are separated by a small strip of land.

How to Decorate a Pond

For those wondering how to decorate a pond, we’re here to help. We’ve mentioned a few ideas in the paragraphs above, but there are others to explore. We encourage you to do more research on your own.

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