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What’s Your Interior Style? Windows and Doors Edition

When it comes to interior design and the style of an interior, we all have different likes and dislikes. Some of us love the time it takes to make a room look like something out of a magazine, while others enjoy a space that is minimal and features very little aesthetic effort.

No matter the design or style of a space, a clean and attractive interior design is most people’s goal. While we all do what we can to make our space unique to our own likes and interests, it’s important we focus on the windows and doors in a space. While window replacement cost varies, the value to the home is significant.

image - What's Your Interior Style? Windows and Doors Edition
What’s Your Interior Style? Windows and Doors Edition

When thinking about interior design and style, most people think about paint color, wall decor, furniture, and flooring. Though these aspects of interior design are crucial, there are various other design elements that will add to the aesthetic of a space.

Some of the most important interior design aspects that are often overlooked include the windows and doors. Transforming your windows and doors can drastically change the style of your space, and can help you get the desired interior design you have been looking for.

This post will give you some window and door design ideas based on the style of your home or room.

Different Interior Design Styles to Choose From

There are countless ways to design and style the windows and doors in your home; however, many people don’t know the various options, or even how to go about finding what will look good. Sound familiar? Not to worry. Here are some window and door ideas based on common room styles and themes.

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Bohemian style rooms often feature colorful, rustic aspects that are/appear to be natural and organic. Those that have a bohemian style room should consider window coverings that fit the same style as the rest of the room.

In other words, the window coverings should also be colorful and rustic looking. A great bohemian window-covering option would be floor-length colorful or printed curtains.

Likewise, a great option when it comes to the style of the door includes long beads in the door frame or more floor-length curtains in the place of a standard wooden door.


Many people choose to keep the rooms in their home classic looking as this style will never become outdated. With that being said, window style and door style are pretty straightforward and standard.

However, if you want to add a slight aesthetic twist to a classic style room, consider purchasing windows with internal blinds. These windows are both practical and aesthetically pleasing as the blinds are placed in between the two window panes.


Are the rooms in your house elegant and chic? If so, it’s important that you keep that theme going by making the windows and doors elegant looking as well. Some window coverings that will add to your elegant aesthetic include:

  • Wood blinds
  • Shutter style
  • Roman shades
  • Cellular shades

When it comes to elegantly styled doors, consider one of the following:

  • French doors
  • Barn doors; usually white in color
  • Dutch doors
  • Cathedral style doors


Modern style rooms and homes are increasing in popularity, especially in urban areas. Modern style rooms and homes often incorporate geometric designs, unique architecture, and authentic art in their aesthetic.

Similarly, modern spaces often feature that latest and greatest in interior design. If you have a modern style room, you should consider either solar shades or woven wood shades.

In regards to the kind of door, you should consider a glass door with gorgeous molding; a popular molding choice is either black or dark brown wood.

Make Your Space Even More Gorgeous by Paying Attention to Windows and Doors

You have the chance to create the room or home of your dreams with the right research and interior design knowledge. Before you make any final decisions, spend time looking at various interior design catalogs and blogs to find the style that is right for you.

Furthermore, make your room even more aesthetically pleasing by going above and beyond and paying special attention to the windows and doors.

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