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Is Aluminum Deck Railing Better Than Glass?

Deck railings are important features that enhance a terrace’s aesthetic quality and safety level. Some believe aluminum deck railing is the most optimal material to utilize for such purposes.

image - Is Aluminum Deck Railing Better Than Glass?
Is Aluminum Deck Railing Better Than Glass?

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Brief Aluminum Overview

Aluminum is a metal found naturally in the earth’s core. In fact, geologists maintain that the substance is the most prevalent of all metals found on earth, comprising roughly eight percent of the planet’s core mass.

That said, pure aluminum does not occur in nature, and the commonly produced metal products bearing its name are a mix of other existing elements. However, aluminum-based metal constructions are famous and used for many different purposes.

Benefits of Aluminum Railing


Aluminum might be amongst the lightest metals used in commercial projects. That said, the substance is surprisingly durable. Ergo, an aluminum deck railing can withstand extreme temperatures, in addition to harsh weather conditions, such as snow, ice, and wind and rain.

Low Maintenance

Deck railings comprise of aluminum are considered easy to maintain. The material is not prone to rust or other forms of deterioration. Occasionally, said features might require rinsing to remove dirt, dust, or other environmental debris. However, for the most part, aluminum railings require very little significant upkeep, like painting or repairs.


Aluminum often makes the list amongst the most durable materials currently employed to construct deck railings. Optimal force is vital for deck railings, especially those situated in elevated locations or when used to provide secure areas for children and pets.

Less Complicated Installation Process

Construction industry professionals maintain that aluminum deck railings are easy to install. In certain instances, homeowners not employed in the building industry or who do not consider themselves might be able to install said items from scratch. Sometimes, railings can be made from ready-made kits using simple tools found in most garages.


Industry insiders caution that aluminum is not the cheapest possible material, of which deck railings can be comprised. Said professionals opine that you can purchase products at a lesser expense. That said, attributes, like diminished maintenance, an uncomplicated installation process, and extreme durability often equate to less money spent over the long haul.


An often-overlooked aspect of aluminum railings is their level of customization. The material has numerous different designs and patterns for home or building owners to choose from.

Aesthetic Quality

Aluminum gives off a pleasing, shiny appearance. Moreover, since the material is durable and not susceptible to deterioration, deck railings constructed out of aluminum often look new for many years.

Environmentally Beneficial

Aluminum is considered environmentally-friendly material. In many instances, deck railings can be constructed from other recycled aluminum products. Additionally, said the material could be maintained using only soap and water, which means home or property owners are not forced to employ potentially harmful solvents and other cleaners to achieve optimal upkeep.

Comparing Aluminum to Glass

Many homes and building proprietors might opt to install glass deck railings. Construction industry insiders opine that glass also possesses notable attributes, especially regarding its aesthetic quality.

That being said, glass is one of the more costly materials used for deck railings, requires a significant degree of routine maintenance, and is prone to damages, like chips and scratches.

Is Aluminum Better Than Glass?

It is fair to maintain that aluminum is more durable, requires less upkeep, and is far less costly than glass. However, better is often determined through the eyes of the beholder.

When choosing a specific material deck railing material, home or property owners must factor in several considerations. Such as the specific location, the atmospheric conditions in said locale, their primary purposes for installing stated features and if children or pets will frequent the terrace.